Slice of Life — Sleepy Sunday

It is one of those busy, productive, rainy Sundays. I was up early with Sam and after reading together for a while I made breakfast and started cooking meals for the week ahead. As much as I hate spending my day in the kitchen, it is satisfying to start the week with a full fridge. … Continue reading

Slice of Life — New bike

I should say “first bike,” instead of “new bike.” Today we bought Sam’s first bike. I was strangely emotional about this purchase, because it feels like he really passed into “boyhood” from “babyhood.” We wanted to buy the bike at our local bike shop, but they only had one bike that was Sam’s size and … Continue reading

Slice of Life — Just Random

I am choosing napping over writing a coherent post. Admit it: you would do the same. Sam is wearing shorts and a T-shirt and I have to stop myself from biting him. He is impossibly soft. A motorcycle always decides to rev its engine in front of our house the moment Sam falls asleep. Never … Continue reading

Slice of Life — Origins

Thanks to Chandra for the inspiration… Let’s see how it goes! I am from the flat part of a city cut in half by the Blue Danube. I am from cobblestone streets and bullet-riddled apartment buildings where the walls of the ghetto once stood.I am from hiding places, from luck, from the right-place-at-the-right-time chances. ——– … Continue reading

Slice of Life — Hair

I love my hair. I used to not like it much — too curly, too frizzy, not blond enough. But I managed to make friends with it over the years and I embrace it for its unruly ways. Lately my hair has been playing a different role in my life. I am not sure how … Continue reading

Slice of Life — A day off

Drew and I had a day off today. It is strange to enjoy a day away from your child, but I know that we need this, our marriage needs it, and that our family will be stronger for it. And we are so lucky to have my parents nearby and willing to watch Sam for … Continue reading

Slice of Life — Rainy day

I love days like this. Sam and I are at home and it’s raining. Sure, it’s hard to keep the little guy entertained when we have to stay indoors all day, but it’s also a lot of fun. He wasn’t feeling quite himself today, so I had a lot of snuggling time. We painted, played … Continue reading

Slice of Life — Plans? What plans?

So, I made this nice meal for dinner tonight and was looking forward to more West Wing on DVD and a relaxing evening. Instead, a weird rash decided to appear on my baby’s skin, along with a fever. He is asleep now, but so much for my appetite and for relaxation. I think this is … Continue reading

Slice of Life — You had to be there

It is March Madness at daycare. So yesterday was wear your pajamas to school day, today is wear stripes day. I think tomorrow we are on to wacky hair/hat day. This morning I dressed Sam — striped, long-sleeve onesie, a T-shirt on top, jeans, sneakers. He looked really cute. Then I showered and dressed myself. … Continue reading