Slice of Life — Nothing specific

Another day at home with Sam — another day of disjointed, random thoughts.

1. As Sam grows and explores his world more and more, I find that I have to check a lot of my fears at the door in order to not hold him back from his own discovery. This includes fear of heights (“Don’t climb up there! You are going to fall!”); fear of falling; fear of dogs, fear of strangers… The list goes on.

2. Are you familiar with Parenting Illustrated with Crappy Pictures? If not, you should be. She has a great strip about shopping at Target. That was me today. I went in for paper towels. Came out with: Paper towels (yay!), new sippy cups and bowls for Sam, underwear for Drew, those odor killing thingies to put in the diaper pail, Easter egg decorating kits, Oreos, lip balm, dish washing liquid refill. I think that’s it. Target is evil.

3. I am pretty sure Sam said “oh shit” today. When I asked him where he heard that he pointed right at me and said “Mamaaaa!”

4. I am going to the kitchen now to get some of those Oreos. Today was my weigh-in and I lost 14 pounds since January. I deserve an Oreo.


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life — Nothing specific

  1. Where are you since this says March 31 already?
    I understand going in to a store with intentions of an item and coming out with a cart full. Congrats on the fourteen pounds. I think I found them.

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