Slice of Life — “I want”

“I want…”

This is Sam’s favorite way of starting a sentence these days. There is so much to want in his little world — more Cheerios, more fruit, more books, more fire trucks, more Fireman Sam DVD, more hugs, more time in the yard, more time on the swings. Every moment of every day is filled with wants. I often wonder how overwhelming and awesome it must be to be wanting something all the time.

Of course, we are working with him on expressing his want in a more polite way. But I wonder if saying “I would like” instead of “I want” somehow diminishes the urgency of the desire.

As grown ups we are so accustomed to keeping our wants in check. We know that some things are not worth wanting, or that they can’t be ours whether we want them or not, so we stop wanting them. Or we disguise our true desire with a polite “I would like.”

I hope Sam will never stop wanting.


And just for fun… I “Wordled” my Slice of Life posts. Pretty telling, no?

Wordle: Grown Ups and Downs


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