Slice of Life — Sleepy Sunday

It is one of those busy, productive, rainy Sundays. I was up early with Sam and after reading together for a while I made breakfast and started cooking meals for the week ahead. As much as I hate spending my day in the kitchen, it is satisfying to start the week with a full fridge.
I feel bad for Sam: it seems cruel to get a rainy day the day after you get your first bike. We weren’t allowed to leave the bike in the garage overnight, so he still spent time sitting on it in the living room. But of course, that is not the same.
After four days at home with him, it is back to the grind tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it…


2 thoughts on “Slice of Life — Sleepy Sunday

  1. This post makes me think of the life I hope to lead someday… I am on my way with the cooking for the week ahead piece, but someday I have to have a “Sam” to read with, bike with, and spend four days in a row with. Glad you cherish the time – good luck back at the grind tomorrow!

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