Slice of Life — New bike

I should say “first bike,” instead of “new bike.” Today we bought Sam’s first bike. I was strangely emotional about this purchase, because it feels like he really passed into “boyhood” from “babyhood.”

We wanted to buy the bike at our local bike shop, but they only had one bike that was Sam’s size and it was way out of our price range. (Really, $189 for a toddler bike???) We ended up with a cheaper model from Target, but I think it was still love at first sight for Sam. After Drew assembled it in our living room, Sam took it for a spin in our driveway. And by a “spin” I mean Drew was pushing his one leg and I was pushing the other — we have to work on getting the pedaling thing down. After his ride around the driveway he went back to playing with the same broken tree branch that he found 2 days ago and kept safe in the garage.

It’s the simple things…



2 thoughts on “Slice of Life — New bike

  1. It’s so neat how riding a bike, leaving training wheels behind, has become such a potent symbol of growing up and gaining independence. Cycling is the best thing I’ve found for my body and mind to be in harmony, and to enjoy my surroundings; I hope Sam finds a ton of joy on this bike and all those he rides afterwards! 🙂

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