Slice of Life — Plans? What plans?

So, I made this nice meal for dinner tonight and was looking forward to more West Wing on DVD and a relaxing evening. Instead, a weird rash decided to appear on my baby’s skin, along with a fever.
He is asleep now, but so much for my appetite and for relaxation.
I think this is still the hardest part about parenting for me: losing all control of my life. I have to be prepared at all times for plans to change and that is hard for a control freak like me. But I am learning and trying to be and think flexible.
Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life — Plans? What plans?

  1. Yes, there are periods like this, but it always gets better. Just take it as it comes. Each time you face a new child challenge, the better you get. Hang in there. Mornings always look better.

  2. Ay yi yi! Zsofi, so sorry you had a rough evening!! I am with you–this would be my complete downfall in parenting, were I in that spot. That, and wanting to bubble-wrap my child at all times.

    …There may be good reason why I don’t have a kid yet…

  3. I can totally identify! My Thursday night surprise was Nattie puking-right after I posted my slice around midnight..and she ran a fever yesterday morning so of course I had to miss a really important meeting @ work…the best laid plans often go awry! BTW, hope your son is better? Did you know what the rash was? Nattie had something like this in late January and it turned out to be Roseola…good luck!

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