Slice of Life — You had to be there

It is March Madness at daycare. So yesterday was wear your pajamas to school day, today is wear stripes day. I think tomorrow we are on to wacky hair/hat day.

This morning I dressed Sam — striped, long-sleeve onesie, a T-shirt on top, jeans, sneakers. He looked really cute. Then I showered and dressed myself.

It wasn’t until Sam’s teacher pointed at my shirt that I realized that I was wearing stripes today too. Sam’s stripes are subtle — mine are bold. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only parent who dressed like their kid today — I ran into one of Sam’s classmates in the parking lot and his mom was wearing big, bold stripes as well.

I just hope I won’t have a wacky hair day tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life — You had to be there

  1. What a cute story! My mom used to make dresses that were alike for me and my daughters. They are 12 and 15 now. I am thinking they wouldn’t stand for that anymore. 🙂

  2. This morning as I walked into the school, the wind had been blowing so hard that my hair was everywhere. Reading your last line, I was laughing thinking about how it would be easy for hair to unintentionally look wacky!

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