Slice of Life — reflections

A couple of thoughts about Slicing:

1. Writing is hard work. I have forgotten that, because I haven’t been writing regularly.
2. Writing seems to be one of those use it or lose it skills. I feel really rusty — both when it comes to pulling my thoughts together and trying to find the right words.
3. Writing was easier when I had more time to reflect. Now that I am just trying to get through each day without messing up too much, I have a lot less time to navel-gaze. Motherhood gives me more to write about for sure, but it does not give me the time to figure out what it all means.
4. I am glad I am doing this. I am doing much better than last year and somehow I feel quietly determined to see this to the end. I feel like this is he first thing I have done for ME in two years.
5. Have I mentioned that writing is hard work?
6. The baby is waking up, I gotta go.
7. Must stop referring to him as “baby.” The boy is two and the size of a moose.


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life — reflections

  1. Thanks for sharing this reflection. Writing is hard work! (Maybe you want to remind an editor who may be expecting a manuscript at the end of the month of this!) I find chocolate helps. 🙂

    Love this little gem of a line: “The boy is two and the size of a moose.”


  2. I’m with you on almost all of these things Z. There aren’t nearly enough hours in the day for me to really write meaningfully without sacrificing the precious time I have with Isabelle.

    But, for now, I think it’s so important to just write.

  3. One more thing: You and Paul (from Birds and Trees of the Mind) just inspired me to write a post about reflection. I’m going to have it go live on Sunday.

  4. I agree, writing is hard work. I type, I delete, I type, delete on and on. But yet I get some bit of personal satisfaction from it, even when I decide not to post it for the public. This is a new feeling for me. I love that you are doing this for you. Hang in there!

  5. I’ve noticed–quite a few people are reflecting on their slices on this 9th day. I’m finding it a little simpler this year because I’ve finally realized what a slice really is–not alwaysthe greatest, but heartfelt.

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  7. Writing is definitely hard work, even when you try to make time for it on a regular basis, it’s still tough stuff. I like your reflection post, and I think that you and Paul might be inspiring me to write one, just as you have Stacey.

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