Slice of Life — Falling asleep

It was a struggle to get Sam to fall asleep last night. After his bath, singing while we put his pajamas on, drinking his milk, and reading for an hour, he was still fussy. I put him to bed with his favorite blanket called “Gump-Gump,” his sheep Baaa, and his current favorite little board book. He was quiet for a while, but then just as I was finishing dinner the crying started. “Mamamamamamaaaa!!! Hug! I need hug!!!! Mamamamaaaaaaa!”

Drew went upstairs to try to quiet him down, but nothing worked. I finally went up, sat next to his bed and rubbed his back and legs as he curled up under Gump-Gump. I could tell his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, his breathing more and more even.

Just when I thought he was finally asleep, he opened up his eyes suddenly, looked at me and said: “Mama, I’m like honey. Like honey.”

“Yes,” I said. “You are sweet as honey.”

With that, he closed his eyes and finally went to sleep.


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