Slice of Life — Cooking up a storm

I feel like I spent the entire day in the kitchen. This is not a bad thing — our fridge is full with a week’s worth of meals, so my weeknights will be easier. And I also got to help a friend who recently had a baby by delivering her family a few day’s worth of meals as well.

Sam’s been on one of his food strikes, when it seems like all he is willing to eat are cereal bars and fruit. I guess this is not bad, but the Eastern European Jewish Mother in me just hates it when he doesn’t have a real, good meal in his belly. Of course, all the parenting books tell you not to make food into a power struggle, not to push things, etc. This is all great in theory, except when your toddler is on day three of his cheese cracker diet. Show me a mother who will not bribe or push or beg. Feeding your baby is such a primal, basic instinct and now that I have my own child, I really understand the force that makes all mothers cook way too much food and become offended when you don’t hold up your end of the bargain and eat seconds and thirds.

Anyway, Sam is usually a pretty good eater and the bribing, begging, and pushing are kept to a minimum in our house. This evening I got a bit creative with his plate and his meatloaf and mashed potato dinner turned into a meatloaf-mustard smiley-face man in a mashed potato forrest of asparagus.


The boy ATE. IT. UP.

Really is that all it takes? A smear of mustard and some creative food arrangement? Bring it on!


One thought on “Slice of Life — Cooking up a storm

  1. I’m so glad that you took a picture to accompany your slice. It instantly brought a smile to my face. Hopefully it continues to be just that easy!

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