Slice of Life – Stuff

I gave this post its title this morning. But then work got in the way, then errands, then my little dude, dinnertime, bathtime, bedtime. (Bedtime is still underway, with my husband’s help, thankfully! He is currently singing James Taylor.)

But now, after reading about eight books about construction equipment to Sam, I can’t quite remember what this post was going to be about. “Stuff” is pretty generic, right? I am sure I had some sort of a clever angle on this, so let’s just hope it will come back to me at some point.

I guess many things in life are like this — they seem important enough at some point to be etched into memory, but they are soon replaced by something else just as important or clever or significant. I think a lot about this now that I have a child — how all of this is fleeting and temporary. One cute, new word is quickly replaced by three others the next week. A new skill is quickly overshadowed by another great achievement. Which memory to keep?

And speaking of stuff — how to decide which onesie, or pajama, or toy best captures a moment in time? Which book did we read enough to warrant its spot in storage? Which cute little pair of shoes will best recall those first steps? We can’t keep everything, but deciding what to toss is almost impossible. Well, impossible for me. For my husband, it’s all just… stuff. To him, having Sam run around the house is enough of a reminder of where we started and what was before this.

Anyway, this is not what I wanted to say about stuff — but for this hour of the night, this will have to do.


2 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Stuff

  1. I am at a different time in my life. The kids are grown and I wish they were still here leaving their stuff strewn all over the place. Why did I care so much about neatness back then?
    I understand the thinking about what you are going to write and then life gets in the way. But that is really not such a bad thing. Enjoy this crazy time. Thanks for your post.
    Mine is reminiscent of the time you are in right now:

  2. Thanks for your post…it makes me remember…even though I am at a different time and place in my life….the house is quiet most of the time….and just the laundry piles up…, there are a few small piles of the “kids” things around….some mail that needs to be sent to them tomorrow morning….
    My advice to you is to not worry about what “stuff” to save…most kids really don’t want the stuff….they will have their own stuff……but they will want the stories about what they did and said…and they will want to know what you thought….your husband is right on this one….your memories re what you need to remember….

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