The Terrific Twos

Two years ago around this time I was sitting on a yoga ball in our bedroom, timing contractions as Sammy was making his way into my world. (The yoga ball was later unceremoniously kicked down to the basement — I never want to see that thing again.)

Whoever said that “the days are long, but the years are short,” was absolutely right. There are days when Sam tries our patience and pushes us towards insanity — those days are long. There are also days when it seems like the fun and hilarity of being a parent never ends — those days are long in an awesome way. We definitely had more of those days this year. The haze and exhaustion of the first year is mostly gone, so I felt like I had more energy to enjoy being with Sam. Things do get easier as he gets older, but it also seems like the stakes get higher — making sure that he doesn’t turn out to be a rude, selfish, loud serial-killer takes more brainpower on my part, than making sure that he eats every three hours and has a clean diaper.

I’d like to think that I have gotten better at being a mama, but I know that I am still a work in progress — and probably will be for a long, long time. And the bar moves with every new skill, word, and milestone.

Sam continues to be amazing — but I am sure every parent says that. I love the fact that he can now talk more and more every day and that he is always clear about what he wants and how he wants it. I love it that he has his own little interests — firefighters, marching band music — and that he pretends to be a firefighter and a musician. I love watching all of this and wonder how he is going to turn out when he grows up. (I am hoping he will be a musician and not a firefighter!)

I love this age — the fact that he is a big boy, but also such a baby at times. When he is sad and his little face scrunches up as he cries, he looks exactly like he did when he was first born. I enjoy it while I can, that he still sits on my lap every night — all long and lanky — and drinks his milk while he plays with my hair. I love it that he believes in Santa Claus, that he is kind to his stuffed animals, that he loves to hug his daycare buddies, and that he now has an opinion about what to wear in the morning. I love his interpretation of the ABC song and Baa Baa Black Sheep and the way he does the Hokie Pokie.

Sammy has an ear infection tonight — he went to bed with antibiotics and some Advil. He knows that it’s his birthday tomorrow and that a birthday involves cake, sandwiches, singing “Happy Birthday,” and gifts. So that’s what we will do tomorrow — and on Sunday — to celebrate this crazy year and the year that’s ahead. In that sense, it’s great that his birthday is on the 31st — it’s always a good way and reason to look back and to look ahead.


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