Oh, hey!

This morning Sam said his first full sentence in Hungarian. It went like this: “Mama! Mama! Masik kesztyu, hol van?” (Where is my other glove?) After laughing my head off while driving, I also panicked a bit about the passage of time — oh, here we go again! I mean, the kid is talking in full sentences and he is not even two! How did this happen? He is still a BABY, for crying out loud! I am not sure I can handle a talking toddler!

We are a few weeks past a couple of really rough weeks — if that makes sense. Sam was in the hospital for a night with a mysterious stomach-pain thing, then Drew’s mom was visiting, then Drew got sick — had-to-call-911 sick. We are all OK — other than a few emotional scars, but who’s counting?

So, a few things about Sam:

* Thanks to the countless hours (OK, it’s not THAT many) spent watching British marching bands with Drew, he now likes to use Drew’s walking cane and pretend that it’s a bagpipe. He walks around with it on his shoulder, singing “da daaaaa da daaaa daaaa daaa” and moving his little fingers as if he were playing a real instrument. It’s HILARIOUS. I haven’t been able to catch him on video yet, because as soon as he sees the camera he stops.

*He can “sing” the ABC song, Ba Ba Black Sheep, and a few other songs that they sing in music class with Drew every Saturday morning. There is this super annoying rhythm exercise on his Music Together CD where a man and a child say something like “Mommies wake up, daddies wake up, I wake up…” etc. The two lines Sam knows: “Daddies wake up” and “Mommies get tired.” Yeah.

*He can pull on his own boots. And take off his jacket. And put on his gloves. And wash his hands. He actually corrected me the other day at daycare when I didn’t turn off the faucet with the paper towels. Bad, bad mama!

*One of his favorite books right now is “No More Diapers for Ducky” or as he calls it “No Diapers Ducky.” I am definitely ready for no diapers for Sammy. He’s been sitting on his potty every night before his bath, but nothing happened in the potty yet. He is definitely interested so maybe it’s not too far off?

* Words, words, words… There are so many new ones every day! We have to be careful now because he will repeat EVERYTHING. The other day Drew was singing a song in the car and he messed up the lyrics. When I pointed that out he said: “Are you the lyrics nazi?” And the small person in the back seat said: “Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!” So, despite promising never to do this, we are starting to talk to each other by spelling things. Oy!

*The boy loves snow. We found this out during our freak October snowstorm. I loaded up on snowpants and jackets and boots, so we are ready for winter. I have a feeling that we’ll be outside a lot. For now, Sam just enjoys raking leaves.

*This is not so much about Sam, but maybe it is: Drew and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary Jan. 5. TEN. YEARS. Crazy.

I am off to Chicago for a work conference this weekend. I hate leaving my little muffin, but I am also looking forward to the holy trinity of hotel room, room service, and remote. It’s the small things, right?


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