Grown ups and downs

For real.

I am pretty sure I aged at least a couple of years in the past few weeks. I guess having a kids does that to you under normal circumstances, let alone when there is something stressful going on. Sam was sick and in the hospital last week with a mysterious stomach-thing. The doctor’s final diagnosis was a virus, but to get there we went through an ER visit, antibiotics, a sleepless night with a feverish baby, another ER visit, bloodwork, two ultrasounds, a CT scan, an IV insertion, a night at the hospital… For a virus. Don’t misunderstand — I am glad that it’s nothing more serious, but you’d think that with today’s high-tech instruments and tests, they would be able to diagnose a virus with a blood test or something. Not so.

Sam is fine now — like nothing ever happened. But man, watching your kid in pain is just not fun at all. The night we spent at the children’s hospital made me incredibly thankful for having a healthy little boy. So many families spend weeks and months at the hospital with their baby hooked up to machines and pumped full of chemotherapy drugs. And yet the place didn’t seem or sound sad — kids are kids no matter what is going on. It was heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time to witness all of that, even just for a short time.

So the past week has been exhausting — mostly emotionally. Concentrating on work or anything else seemed pretty impossible, but I managed to do some stuff. I also had a night off from my mama duties for a jewelry party and I hate to admit how ridiculously excited I was about it for days. I am such a loser! The last time I had a night off was in May. Way, way too long ago. So I got some cool pieces of jewelry, I bought some new panties, pants, and some sweaters… Shopping always makes me feel human again. Sue me.

I am sure I have new photos of Sam, but I just don’t have the energy to download and post them. He is just an amazing little dude. I know that everybody says that about their kid and with good reason. He’s been talking more and more every day — in both languages. This weekend my MIL is here and it’s amazing to watch how he switches back and forth between English and Hungarian and he never once tried to speak Hungarian to his Grammy. The kid is so smart. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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