Fall follies

Wait, wait! Can this really be the last week of September? As in the September that is followed by October, then November, then December? No.

I probably spend way more time than necessary lamenting the passage of time, but I really can’t help it. I just saw one of my colleague’s newborn baby and then I look at Sam and just can’t even picture him that small anymore. It seems like he’s always been *this* tall and *this* mischievous and *this* talkative little dude. “Mickey, look, window” he says in Hungarian to his Mickey Mouse in the car and he lifts him up to look out the window. Today we looked at a book about firefighters — what else! — and the first page listed all the names of equipment that might appear in the book: hydrant, hose, helmet, etc. He knew the word for every one of them. Some in English, some in Hungarian — I have to say most in Hungarian — but he knew them all. It was so weird — I mean he is not even TWO! How does he know this stuff?

We had a couple of very busy days lately. In no particular order:

Picking apples

Checking out pumpkins

Driving a firetruck

Enjoying a last day at the beach -- Sam finally was brave enough to get in the water! Yay!

Enjoying the sunset at Cape Porpoise


I suppose time passes whether we do something with it or not, so why not? We can definitely fit a lot into a weekend when the days start at 5 a.m. and end at 7:30. The one thing that makes getting up at 5 on a Saturday OK is that for the next 30 minutes Sam snuggles with me in bed as he drinks his morning bottle. He is REALLY into my hair lately, so he twirls it as he drinks. He started doing this over the summer and since then milk=playing with mama’s hair. It is painful at times so I am trying to teach him what “gentle” means. I am just hoping that I won’t develop a bald spot on the left side of my head.

Daycare has been smoother in the past week or so. I think Sam adjusted to the new routine, new kids, and the new teacher, so the mornings have been much better. This is a huge relief. I know that there are more transitions to come down the road, but for now I am happy that this one seems to be over.

What else? I ordered some fall-ish clothes. I made bean soup. I’ve been drinking lots of Vitamin Water — for its taste, its vitamins, its caffeine content, and its 0 calories. It’s a miracle food! Going to Chicago in November. Need to get new snow boots for frolicking in the snow with Sam this winter.

This has been making me happy:

And a few weeks ago date night with Drew at Bar Lola made me VERY happy.

I’ve been craving sushi. And time to shop alone for a few hours. And a pedicure, even though pretty soon it’s not going to be sandal weather anymore. And earrings, lots of earrings! And time with friends. And movies.

But I made it through this Sunday’s NYT, so that’s progress.


One thought on “Fall follies

  1. So, even though we canceled our Sunday Times weeks ago, it’s still showing up on our doorstep. Maybe the delivery guy is making up for all those weeks he missed?

    Love all the pictures! And I, too, crave the movies.

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