There’s more summer where this came from

It used to be, that on hot days like we had this past weekend, Drew and I would hole up at the mall, the movies, or a nice restaurant, and then we would retreat to our cool bedroom in the evening with a movie.

Not so much anymore. Hot or not, we are on the go, go, go with our little Samuel. Playground, beach, backyard, petting zoo, grandparents’ place, park, lake… I don’t think I’ve had this much color on my skin in years! I had to buy a hat so that I don’t fry my brain while I push Sam on the swings at the playground -for HOURS at a time. Our backyard looks like a playground too, with a pool, a sand box, a water table, swing, and slide. And mosquitoes. But that’s another story.

So that’s how we’ve been spending our summer days this year. When I am not pushing a swing, or splashing water, or building a sand castle, I am preparing yet again for a trip to Hungary. I have the usual amount of anxiety about it — a plane ride with a toddler, homesickness and belonging issues, etc. But I also look forward to spending a lot of time with Sam and my grandma and just getting away from the rat race a bit.

I’ve been talking to Sam about the trip. I know he won’t really remember it, but he seems to get the concept that we are getting on an airplane and that we are going to see “Dedi.” Every time he hears a plane overhead he starts yelling “Dedi! Dedi! Dedi!”

I am trying to keep a list of all of his words, just for the sake of history-keeping:

Shoes, outside, domper (dump truck), more, please, eat, banana, Papa, Nyonyo, Dedi, hinta (swing), pool, poop, baby, all done, up, night-night, hat, cica (cat), auto, cookie, bye, beach, cheese, haj (hair)… Of course there’s also “mama” and “dada,” and lately he’s also been calling me “mami.” 🙂

So, off we go on our adventure again — just me and my little dude!


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