More blog neglect

If you are the owner of a neglected blog, is it possible to start one entry without bemoaning the neglect? Apparently not… And now, I have TWO blogs I can neglect! Yay for me! I mean, jeez, in the last post Sam was wearing a snow suit! And now it’s shorts and T-shirt weather and Sam is two months older, which is baby-time makes a HUGE difference.

Here is the quick update:

* Sammy has 13 teeth. Strangely, these didn’t seem to be too painful on their way out. But he does look different with all that hardware in his mouth. Very much a little boy, a toddler, not so much a baby.

* His vocabulary is expanding every day. We definitely have all of the animal sounds down pat, along with “more,” “up,” “no,” “auto,” “Nyonyo” which is “grandma in Hungarian — sort of — and “papa” for grandpa. He also says “cica” (cat) and he definitely got the meaning of “mama” and “dada” down. It’s amazing to see that he actually understands stuff too — like when you ask him if his diaper has poo-poo and he says no and runs away. Apparently diaper changes have become traumatic.

* I can barely remember it, but I survived my first overnight trip away from Sam. Florida was great, even though it was all travel and work and not much fun. I did manage to swim in the hotel pool once and in the middle of a wet, cold May, the sunshine and the heat were awesome. The boys did great without me and I think the effects are lasting — Drew seems to be more self-confident when it comes to caring for Sam, which is great.

* I also survived a surgery — some childbirth-related damage repair. Ugh. I have said it before and will say it again: natural childbirth is *so* overrated. Really. With the extra pain, the extra surgery, the extra time off, and the emotional toll, I might as well have had a C-section. And from what I can tell, my case is not that unusual — two other acquaintances are having similar issues. Not cool.

* I turned 35. I feel pretty good about it — or rather I am too busy to stop and think how I really feel about it. Not that it makes a difference.

* Our trip to Hungary is looming and I really need to start preparations. The plane ride is my major concern — I think once we are there at our weekend house and Sammy can run around naked in the garden, we’ll be cool. I am really excited about seeing what the trip will do for his language skills. I know that he understands Hungarian, but most of his words are in English. My hope is that being immersed in Hungarian for two weeks will really kick things into gear for him.

* I am actually finding time to read a lot lately. (The one upside of the surgery!) I am reading Swim Back to Me by Ann Packer right now and have also started Pulse by Julian Barnes. I am really excited about reading How to Live and To the End of the Land. I decided not to get an e-reader for now, so I have stacks of hardcovers next to my bed and transporting them to Hungary will be an issue, but I’ll deal with it.

* Our house is on the market. Nobody wants it. So we are thinking about remodeling it… But that means that we are definitely staying here. Is that bad? Good? Who knows? As I type this, our neighbor is trying to start up his boat that is parked in his yard. It’s 8:30 p.m. The boat is not starting. Is this really the best time to be doing this? Ugh.   

I am off to bed… Sam’s sleep hasn’t been great, so I have to take advantage of every minute. Night-night!



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