Baaa, Baaa!

I am baaaack! I’ve been neglecting my Slice of Life challenge duties and my blog in general. Well, such is life. No excuses.

So, what’s new? Not much, really. Sam and I are getting over another cold and another bout with teething. This one seemed to go on FOREVER and seemed especially painful. I hate to drug the poor kid, but it seemed like the only way to get any food in him was to first give him some baby Tylenol. Last Friday he spent the day ON me, with drool and snot flowing at an unacceptable rate. I had at least three sweater changes during the day and had to take a shower in the evening to get the snot out of my hair. Ick.

To catch up on the latest, first here is a video of Sam walking:

That was, what, three weeks ago? That’s about right. He has gotten much better at keeping his balance and even running when he gets excited. He is also working on mastering the stairs — these are the times I wish we lived in a ranch-style house. Seriously. The good news is that he knows that he can’t go up by himself, so he waits for us to hold his hand as he walks up. We went for our first real “walk” this weekend around our neighborhood and I must say that it’s kind of nice to slow down and look at everything Sam looks at. He stops for everything — leaves blowing around in the wind, doggies, the weird neighbor’s junk in the yard, fallen twigs on the sidewalk. Everything has to be checked out and if possible picked up. Here he is with Drew on our stroll:

Walking has also made him look like a little boy. He is definitely not a baby anymore and that’s both sad and happy.

We also made some strides in having him nap in his own bed. I switched our curtains so that our dark curtains from our bedroom are now in his bedroom. They look a bit out of place, but they keep his room nice and dark during the day until I go and buy some new fabric for his room. His naps are only about an hour long, but nevertheless, they happen unassisted, in his own bed. I do miss snuggling with him in the big bed, so I am sure that the days of napping together are not over yet.

Well, hello there! I started writing this, oh, about a month ago. What is wrong with me? There is plenty of stuff happening, I just can’t get the energy/interest/brainpower together to sit down and record it. Shameful. Bad, bad mama.

In many ways a lot has changed since I started to write this post. Like Sam doesn’t have to wear his dino fleece suite anymore, because the weather finally turned spring(ish) around here. We went through another ear infection about two weeks ago and now we seem to be in the middle of a growth-spurt. I have to feed him constantly. He eats at least three breakfasts every day: his bottle of milk, a banana or some other fruit while I get ready, and then eggs with cheese once we get to daycare. And then he is hungry for more. The good thing is that his sign language skills have improved so he can actually tell me when he is hungry.

His vocabulary has also expanded to include: “more,” “bye-bye,” “up,” “nem” (that’s “no” in Hungarian), “auto,” and “baaaa” and other various animal sounds. I am pretty sure he says a lot more, but most of it is jumbled for now until he figures out how to un-jumble all of these crazy Hungarian words.

I am also convinced that we are at the beginning of his terrible twos. He already, at the tender age of not-yet-16-months, throws himself on the floor when he doesn’t get what he wants, runs around the room screaming for the same reason, and sheds fake tears out of frustration. Oh, boy. I try to be consistent with him and set boundaries, but it’s hard. Just this morning he was playing with one of my old watches (that was ok, I let him), but then he threw it on the floor, which is a no-no. He wanted to get his sheep from the bed, but I didn’t let him have it until he picked up the watch and gave it to me. Well, the screaming and crying that ensued was just outrageous. Drew was downstairs and said that it sounded like I was skinning a live puppy in our bedroom. At least it was in the privacy of our bedroom, not the middle of the grocery store. I am sure that’s coming too.

Other noteworthy stuff:

  • Haircut #4. I think that’s what brought on his new attitude.
  • Marathon napping sessions — 2-3 hours at a time. I keep thinking he is getting sick but so far, so good.
  • Weekend getaway with Drew coming up. It’s only to Hartford but I’ll take whatever I can get.
  • Florida in a month or so. It’s for work, but again, it’s a hotel room with a remote and room service. Let’s hope nobody gets sicks or injured so that I can really go this time!
  • I bought a dress.
  • And bras.
  • Lady doctor appointment later this week. UGH.
  • Trying to decide if I want an e-reader for my birthday/mother’s day. I do, but what I really want is an iPad and I really don’t want to pay so much money for it. Ah, it’s a good problem to ponder!
  • Mani/pedi with Abby last weekend. Pedi is still intact, mani not so much. Boo.
  • Flip-flop weather on the horizon!
  • I am getting to know a  LOT of strangers with dogs in our neighborhood. Sammy LOVES dogs and has absolutely no fear. Me, on the other hand… Not a dog person.

So there. Take this update from me and run. Who knows when you will hear from me again?


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