Man, parenting is HARD

It is 7 pm. I am writing this on my phone, because I am in bed already. It has been a long, long day. Thursdays are my day at home with the little man, and to switch things up, we went to story hour at the library. After the stories there is play time with lots of toys (germs!!!!) and a train table. Well, today an older kid — he was maybe 2?– pushed Sammy to the ground. Poor guy. He was so upset. I sat right next to the pusher and I could’t believe how much anger and aggression he had on his face when he shoved Sam. I know that Sam has to learn to stand up to bullies and it is a fact of life that bigger people take your toys…But as a parent I find it so hard to watch Sam learn these lessons. I know he has to and I know he will be OK…but man, it is hard. It is hard to think about the long run and not to try to keep him in a cocoon as long as possible.

I think this is all I have for today…just a small slice.


One thought on “Man, parenting is HARD

  1. Each stage of parenting is hard. Each child is different. Knowing you care and communicate goes a long way with your child. I do not always have the answers for my children, but I am there for them. Enjoyed your post.

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