It took me a while to figure out that putting Sam in a high chair at daycare and feeding him will distract him from the fact that I am about to leave him there. So that is our ritual every morning: I take his jacket off, put him in the chair and break out the banana bread that I baked over the weekend.

There’s usually already two or three other kids there, also having breakfast. This morning Sammy sat next to Kennedy (eating a muffin) and Abbie (oatmeal). I broke the banana bread into small pieces and put them on Sammy’s tray. I filled his sippy cup with water and put a bib on him. I kissed his cheeks and ran my fingers through his hair.

It was time to go.

There’s a window on the classroom door and also a narrow window right next to the door. As I put my shoes on outside, I play peek-a-boo — appearing once in the door window and a few seconds later in the other window. Sammy usually gives me a shy smile — a bit like “mom, you are embarrassing me!” This morning was the same — he smiled, but when I poked my head in the door window the second time, the two little girls were blowing kisses to me and laughing. Sammy was looking at them disapprovingly.

I felt a bit like a cool mom.


5 thoughts on “Buh-bye!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful morning routine! I’ll have to remember it when it comes time to take my baby to daycare… thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the routine you have created for your son and now for his little friends too. Routine is everything in my preschool classroom and it is the added layer of relationship that really makes the world go round!

  3. Your title was even funnier after I read your slice! I loved your use of dashes. Your writing really felt like it flowed and it made your slice so easy to read and enjoy.

  4. You took me back a few years. I love the ending with blowing kisses and the look. I also liked your one sentence paragraph that created the transition. Hold the moments. My last child just left the elementary that I work at and is at the middle school. I use to catch a glimpse of him during the day. I miss that.

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