Random lunchtime stroll

Here is how it started: I got a call from my mom right around my lunch hour that she needed me to look at some paper samples for a project she is working on. Kinko’s is right next door, so I headed over there. We exchanged a few phone calls as I tried to describe the difference between the 80# matte and the 100# matte papers.

It’s not exactly a warm day here, but it’s sunny and the promise of warmth is in the air. At this time of the year, I’ll take that. So I headed over to my favorite bookstore and spent considerable time in the children’s book section. I wanted to buy Richard Scarry’s Best First Book Ever for Sammy, but then I decided that it wasn’t really the best – the book is huge and Sam likes to carry his books around. So I settled on an Easter book — colorful eggs slide apart to reveal baby chicks and lambs. Sam already has a book that’s similar, but it was a hand-me-down and just fell apart the other day. (A few days ago I was reading another second-hand book to him that I haven’t looked at before, and the last “reveal” in this peek-a-boo book was Jesus. Nothing against the man, but I was a bit surprised.)

My next stop was the Market House — Hershey almond chocolate bar and a bottle of Nantucket Nectars Half & Half. The combination of ice tea and lemonade is my new favorite flavor.

Now I just have to make it through the afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Random lunchtime stroll

  1. When you are in the bookstore, I can feel the decisions being made. I enjoy how you put me in the middle of your browsing, evaluating and remembering processes. It reminds me that I want to talk more with my students about what goes through my head when I am buying a book.
    Best wishes,

  2. I also enjoyed the bookstore thinking. It made me flash back to a conversation my youngest son and I had among the shelves at a bookstore recently, as we discussed what to get his older siblings who were not along.

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