Uh ohhhhh

You would think that I would have a lot more time to write over the weekend! But here I am, it’s Monday, and I have not written anything for the past two days. Bad, bad, Slice of Lifer!

It’s a busy day today — daycare dropoff, work, meetings, daycare pick-up, dinner, bath — and yet it’s during these busy weekdays that I feel like I *do* have time to write. Why is that? Is it beacuse I work best under pressure? Or maybe my brain just turns off for the weekend and it’s happy to be back online on Monday? Or because I sit in front of the computer enough during the week and I’d rather spend my Saturday and Sunday on the floor, playing with my little guy?

There were many, many moments this weekend that I thought would make perfect Slices: Sammy discovering that he can climb up the stairs; Sammy climbing up on my lap to read a book; Sammy standing up on top of his toy box; driving to Freeport and holding hands with my hubby the whole way…

I thought to jot them down in a notebook or to steal away a few minutes at the computer for a quick writing exercise. But that would have distrupted the moments themselves.

Some Slices are better left uneaten…


One thought on “Uh ohhhhh

  1. I have noticed this about myself as well. I sometimes think that when we are very busy we have to more carefully map out our days, but on the weekends/vacations sometimes it seems like there will be so much time that we think we will get to everything and don’t!

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