What’s in your cart?

So, I’ve had this idea for a while to record the times I am at the grocery store buying a strange combination of items. I am not talking about our big weekly shopping, but the quick runs I make to the store towards the end of the week. I thought of this yesterday again as I was standing in line, because I had a really good list:

Coconut M&Ms
Sour cream
Cinnamon graham crackers
Pepperidge Farm chocolate cake
Chicken livers

What’s in your cart this week? Anything random?


7 thoughts on “What’s in your cart?

  1. I so love this piece. I am right there with you on the odd combinations of things that end up in my basket. I often wonder what it is like to work as a checker. Ooh that gives me a story idea. When I was growing up, I lived in a small town and we all knew the people who worked at the grocery store. Your post got me thinking, what would the life of a small town look like from the view of the grocery checker.

    Happy Slicing,

  2. Love this!

    As I read I thought –
    Ah yes, I remember seeing those Coconut M&Ms – on sale even in the checkout at my local store. I wonder what you might be celebrating (the chocolate cake) and am curious about ways in which one would use chicken livers…

    Thanks for sharing today!

  3. You made me laugh! I never really thought about those quick trips which so often require items that are not meant to go together. I wonder if the clerks tell stories about our shopping the way we teachers tell stories about the kids???

  4. I love to check out people’s carts and imagine what they are doing with the odd assortment. Coconut M & Ms – MMMMMMM, my favorite (right after the dark chocolate ones).

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