Walk this way

I can’t even imagine what it must be like for the little guy… The whole world must look different now that he is no longer peering at it from an awkward crawling position, but suddenly there are things at eye level. Like the handles on the kitchen cabinet — and the pots and pans inside. And the knobs on the stove. And the fridge door – look, I can open it! And the onions and potatoes on the lower shelf of the kitchen rack. And if he tries really hard and tiptoes close to the window, he can look outside at the snow and the cars and oh, there’s Dada, pushing the trash cans back to the garage! Fascinating.

Last night as I cooked dinner he just hung out with me in the kitchen, walking about, opening cabinets, hiding behind a small cart, playing peek-a-boo. It was the strangest feeling, standing there with him, having him follow me around, hang on to my legs and then walk away from me on his own.

More than ever I felt the enormity of it all — wow, my body made a little person. And now he is walking around, finding his own path, moving away from me.


2 thoughts on “Walk this way

  1. Mobility opens all sorts of doors (pun intended). It is amazing to ponder that you made this little one, and will be the one to mold him into a person you are proud of many years down the road. That’s a little too deep for me. Enjoy your time. 🙂

  2. Wait until he is on the cusp of his fifteenth birthday and is about to get his learner’s permit! I look at my handsome, capable son every day in wonder…
    So, so much for which to be thankful! Treasure every moment.

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