Good morning

Sleep came to me very slowly last night. The baby monitor sizzled and hummed right above my head on the headboard. I drifted in and out of sleep, stifling a couple of sneezes and coughs – my constant companions during these long winter months. The bedroom felt especially cold so I pulled the two comforters and the fleece blanket higher. I plumped my pillows. Drew stirred and I tried to stay quiet and still.

I gave in around midnight, when I woke up again feeling like I have slept for hours and hours. But it was only 11:54. I debated for a few minutes: Do I want to get out the warm bed and take some NyQuil, or do I want to just see what the night brings? The bathroom is just a few steps away. But the floor creaks – will that wake the baby? I listened to the monitor. Maybe I even drifted off to sleep for a few minutes, waking up again with a cough. Relief was just a few steps away in the medicine cabinet.

The taste of mint at midnight. Cool, smooth relief for my dry throat.  A bit nauseating at this hour, sure. I looked in the mirror for a moment – my hair was wild and that made me smile in the darkness. I tiptoed back to bed, skillfully avoiding the creaky spot on the floor.

Fluff the pillows again. Arrange blankets. Check the clock: 12:03. I still have six hours of sleep ahead of me.

As the NyQuil started to work, I felt tipsy but the bed suddenly seemed warm and more comfortable than I remembered. My legs felt heavy and my toes tingled under the blanket. Is it warm in here now?

I listened for more movement from the other room. Nothing. Just the white noise of the monitor and an occasional bubble escaping the humidifier. Blup-blup-blup. Then quiet again. I hope he is OK. He was so tired last night — exhausted from a day of running around with his friends. Now that he learned how to walk, will he learn how to take a break and sit down? I hope the shoes I ordered for him will fit. I should probably order some rain boots for him for the spring. Well, I have to buy him clothes again anyway, so I will do it then. And now that he is running around so much I should probably pack more food in his lunch box. But what? I feel like I am in such a slump with his food. It’s always the same – spinach, green beans, sweet potatoes — oh, but I do have that huge head of cauliflower in the fridge. I should do something with that; he likes cauliflower. No peas or bananas for a few days because he seems a bit constipated. I left his daily report sheet at daycare and I can’t remember if he pooped yesterday. In the morning maybe? No, that was the day before. Well, the sweet potatoes will take care of that. If I fall asleep now, I still have a good five hours. Four, if he decides to wake up early again. But maybe Drew will get him and put him in bed with us. That’s the best sleep I get, when he is right here between us, snoring. Ah, listen to him whimper in his sleep. So cute. Or was that a cough? I hope he is not getting my cold. Or I am probably getting his. Daycare is a Petri dish. All that snot and drool… Ugh. Spring has to come soon. It has to. It’s March, for cyring out loud!

I still have four and a half hours.


A plow truck drove by the house. Then there was music playing, very close to my ear and Drew whispered something. Why is he getting up in the middle of the night? And why is the baby talking? “Dadadadada!” Go back to sleep, Sam!

I still have at least three hours. Right?


2 thoughts on “Good morning

  1. Your sleep sounds about the same as mine (minus the baby). I guess that is why I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.
    Beautiful writing, amazing description.

  2. Zsofi — So glad to see you slicing with us! Love this line: “The taste of mint at midnight.” I’m looking forward to writing through March with you. Hope you feel better soon.

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