Date night

What would I do without my parents? Really. As so many times before, they came to my rescue again this weekend. I needed some time off and they took Sam Friday night so that Drew and I can have some alone time and a full night’s sleep.

But first, Friday started with Sam getting his shots. I am not proud of this people, but I cried. The nurse came in with FOUR syringes and I was playing with Sam and making him laugh – right until the first poke. When I saw his little face contort in pain and terror, I just lost in. I know that I need to keep a brave face for him and not let him see me upset on such occasions, but there was no way of stopping the tears. Poor, poor baby.

We made it home, where I administered some Tylenol, along with a warm bottle of milk and we snuggled in bed for a long nap. After I dropped him off at my parents’, I rushed home to get ready for our date. My beauty routine has been much shorter lately, but I made *some* effort not to look like I just got done wiping snot from someone else’s face. Hair spray, make-up, big earrings, heels, and my fancy bracelet:

(It’s not a great picture, but you get the idea.)

Our first instict with Drew was to go to a local restaurant – nothing special, just a pretty good place nearby. (Actually, I think our very first instict was to stay at home and order pizza.) But we decided that it would be a waste not to go and try something new. So we ended up at Pai Pen Miyake. It was FAB. Good sake, great gyoza, excellent noodles. YUM. Then we headed across the street to Local 188 for dessert – because you have to have dessert on a date!

You guys, I started to write this post like two weeks ago! Ah! Date night! Such a distant memory!

Since then, my brother and his wife have become Mainers, Sammy got a new tooth (#8!) and is working on another one, and we had a glorious long weekend at home. I think I’ve said this before, but it’s really hard to get back into the routine after a five-day weekend.

Sammy wasn’t feeling well last Friday and Saturday – he had a slight fever and an upset tummy, so we snuggled a lot, including during a marathon 3-hour nap one of those days. One thing that made him happy:

I really try to resist the urge to impulse-buy for him at the grocery store, because I don’t want him to get into the habit of throwing hissy-fits for candy and stuff later… But he was feeling sad and sick and if a $2.99 balloon can fix that, why not? Right? Or am I making excuses for indulging him? Well, whatever.

Anyway, so I should finish and post this post before another week or so goes by. Life is moving fast, fast, fast. I am holding on tight!


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