Catching up with photos

I haven’t posted a Sammy photo in the past few posts, so I am going to make up for it. Also, I had two diet Cokes today and I need to concentrate on *something* so that I can make it through the afternoon.

Things he loves to play with lately:

His hat

I just love, love, love this picture of him. He thinks that putting on his hat is just hilarious, especially when we are not going anywhere. And if I put it on my head he just laughs and laughs. So cute.

My teacup

There’s not tea in it, obviously. He always liked to drink out of “grown up” glasses and cups, so I think that’s why he is attracted to my mug. When I was sick last week I had to sneak in my cups of tea because otherwise he would throw a fit if he couldn’t get his little paws on that mug. (Note his socks. Just cracks me up!)

I should have a picture of him and his shoes, because the boy *loves* his shoes. I got him a pair of slipper/booties for home and he almost demands to put them on at the end of the day. I also bought him a pair of sneakers, but I think those are a bit too big and not quite flexible enough for his little feet. The other day he got mad when he tried to put my Crocs back on my feet and they wouldn’t stay. You gotta wear shoes, mama!

I forgot to blog about his one-year doctor’s visit last week, right in the middle of his sickness. He was 33 inches tall and over 24 lbs. Big boy! Here he is with dada at the doctor’s office:

Because he was sick he didn’t get his shots, so we have to return this week for that. Ugh.

But to get back to favorite things – the love with the remote is eternal:

Lately it’s been functioning as a phone — just like everything else is a phone: the wooden blocks, the teddy bear, his hand. I can’t believe that remote manufacturers have not come up with a way to lock the keys on the remote so that kids can play with it without reprogramming the TV. Drew gave Sam our DVD remote and that seems to be OK for now, but the REAL thing is still the best.

There’s no picture of this, but he’s also been getting into his books more and more. For a while he couldn’t sit still enough for two seconds to look at a book – or even just a page in a book! But lately he’s been bringing over books, one by one, climbing up on my lap and listening intently. It’s awesome. He’s especially into animals, so I always tell him what sounds a particular animal makes. He does a pretty good monkey sound and can bark — in Hungarian. I am pretty good with animal sounds as long as it’s animals I know – cow, sheep, dog, cat, etc. His favorite monkey is in Panda Bear, Panda Bear, so we read that a lot. The problem is that I have no clue what sounds most of the animals in there make… Penguin? Turtle? Water buffalo? I have to work on these.

His sleep has been pretty good. Sickness is never a friend of sleep and so last week was rough, but we returned to our “normal” in the past couple of days. He goes to bed after his bath and bottle, sleeps until exactly 4:20 a.m. and then we bring him to our bed where he sleeps until 6 a.m. Some nights he cries for a few minutes right around 1:30 a.m., but unless he is sick I don’t go in and he goes back to sleep on his own.  I wish he would sleep past the 4:20 mark, because most mornings I can’t go back to sleep after that, or by the time I fall asleep it’s time to wake up. But it is nice to have him there with us, all warm and snuggly. This morning he was grabbing my nose in his sleep and when I moved his hand he nestled it in my neck and giggled. The other morning I woke up to him playing peek-a-book with the blankets and laughing. There’s really no better way to start the day.


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