Back to ye olde grind

Ah, it was SO hard to get out of bed this morning! Drew had to get up at 3 a.m. to take him mom to the airport, so it was just me and Sammy in bed, all warm and cozy, and soft. At one point I had my back turned to him and I woke up to him climbing on my back, patting me with his little hands. I think he just wanted me to turn around and hold him.

Bad, bad mama.

Mama is reading Richard Ferber’s book and sleep training will commence as soon as I had time to finish the book. Wish me luck.

So, 2010 went bye-bye, and so did Christmas, and New Year’s and Sammy’s first birthday. I can tell that this time of the year will be super busy from now on. I am exhausted.

Also, our house is FULL of baby stuff. Toys, mostly. I squirreled away some before Christmas, mostly rattles and stuff that he doesn’t play with much anymore. But this weekend found us boxing up all of our books from the built-in to make room for all of his new stuff. I think I am going to be putting away some more toys this week and rotating them in and out of his sight. Drew and I were good – we got him three gifts for Christmas and his birthday combined! One of them is a bath toy, so it doesn’t take up space in the living room. But man, between Christmas and his birthday and three sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, the toys just kept coming. I am not complaining – absolutely not. It’s a lovely feeling to know that so many other people think of my little guy. But I guess I just wasn’t prepared for the volume. I am not sure how Sammy will feel about this when he is older – all the gifts come at the end of December and then nada for the rest of the year.

He was a super good little boy throughout the festivities. On Christmas Eve he stood up on his own for the first time. Or I should say he let go of the dining room chair on his way to the teddy bears at my parents’ apartment. It looked more like he was surfing – bent knees, arms held up high – and it lasted only a second or two, but it was still exciting. He’s been doing this more and more each day and when he gets REALLY excited he will even take a step or two. Awesome, exciting development that also freaks me out. In one of his excited “runs” he fell and hit his chin on the coffee table HARD. I don’t know how he didn’t break his jaw. But he didn’t. We removed the offending coffee table from the room – again. I don’t think it’s coming back until we are all stable.

So, I was just thinking that I may have overdone the birthday celebration this past weekend. I mean, I ended up baking not one, but TWO birthday cakes. They were delicious (thank you, Martha Stewart!), and they are both gone, but when I was in the kitchen at 6 a.m. on Saturday mixing cake batter, I was thinking that maybe I am just a bit crazy for doing this. Or maybe not. I know that Sammy didn’t know what was going on, but we’ll have the pictures and we can tell him stories about his first birthday so that it will become his memory as well. I really wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on this.

First, Drew and I opened the bottle of champagne we bought for last New Year’s Eve at the exact moment of his birthday on the 31st. It was a bad idea on my part, because I am really not used to drinking anything at noon. The rest of the day is a blur – I was tipsy. On Jan. 1 we all went out to lunch with my parents and Drew’s mom. The food was awesome and Sammy got three red balloons from our lovely waitress. We came home and had cake and opened gifts. This was round one. Round two continued on Sunday with a party for four of his little friends. Here is the whole gang:

Nice, right?

And here is the birthday boy, cake in hand:

Man, he knew right away what to do with that slice of cake! The dancing and bouncing that followed fueled by a sugar-high was a joy to watch.

I guess we ended the old and started the new year really well. No resolutions this year – I doubt that I had any last year. I guess there is maybe one: I am going to stop feeling bad about stuff. I always find myself saying that “I feel bad” for this or that and it’s really just a stupid thing to do. I think have done a pretty kick ass job this past year and I have nothing to feel bad or guilty about. So I am not going to. There. Now give me another slice of cake!


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