Making a list, checking it several times a day

It can’t possibly be Christmas this weekend, right? Even though I am done with all of my shopping (thank you, Longfellow Books!), I still feel a strange unease about the holidays. I guess I want things to be perfect for Sammy. Whatever “perfect” means. Then I bang my head into my keyboard to remind myself that he is ONE and he has no clue what Christmas is. But he will enjoy eating the wrapping paper, I am sure. So whatever I do, it will be perfect for him.

*Snow. We had our first measurable snowfall of the season. Of course, it had to happen during the afternoon rush hour and as every year, people completely forget what to do when it snows. Slow down. Apply brakes carefully. So it took me over an hour to get from work to daycare – usually a quick, 15-minute trip. Ugh. Is it April already?

*Boots. My feet have gotten bigger since last winter, so none of my winter boots fit. I bought this cute pair – super comfy and so-so warm.

The one problem: they are a bitch to put on. This is a HUGE deal because I have to take my shoes off when I pick up Sammy. In the morning I am fine. I can kick the boots off without a problem and my hands are empty when I leave after dropping him off. But the afternoon is a different story. I have him, his STUFF, and NO PLACE to sit down. So for the work days I have to give up style for my fugly, fuzzy Land’s End shoes. Or keep cute boots in the car and change? Ho hum.

*New hair color. Sorry, no pic of this. And really, it’s not NEW, because it’s brown and that’s hardly a huge change for me. But I’ve gotten away from my blond-ish highlights (and major mommy roots! Ugh!), and went with a more uniform color – a warm, chocolate/reddish brown. LOVE.

*Not that I have time to do my hair.

* Sleep. Not getting much. OK, that’s not true. I am actually getting plenty of sleep, but only when a certain someone dressed in a fleece sleep sack with very soft hands and warm breath is curled up right in the area of my armpit, with one hand on my boob. Sigh. Sammy’s sleep hasn’t been great lately. He wakes up usually twice a night, crying, wanting to be held/rocked/snuggled. I am usually good the first time around – I go to his room, put him back down, stroke his back and he usually goes to sleep in a couple of minutes. The second time usually occurs around 3:30 a.m. when I am not really with it. That’s when he ends up in our bed. I keep struggling between wanting to “train” him to go back to sleep in his own bed and wanting to provide him with the comfort and safety he obviously wants and needs. Am I going to help him in the long run if I let him wail at 3 a.m.? What makes this even more difficult is that if god forbid Drew goes in to comfort him, Sammy totally loses it. So I am alone for night duty.

*Clapping. Is very big in our house these days. The other night Sammy even clapped in his sleep. I know this, because he was in bed with us. There are not a lot of things that make me laugh at the crack of dawn, but this just made my entire day. Clap, clap, clap! He is also waving bye and we are working on blowing kisses. His new favorite toy is a stuffed Rudolph what he spotted at the grocery store. That red nose just fits in Sammy’s mouth perfectly. YUM!

*Brain, Child.

*Have I mentioned that he is turning ONE in two weeks? Weekend celebrations include: visit from Grandma McMullin, lunch at Saltwater Grille, cake, and cupcakes at his birthday party on Sunday. I plan on baking the cake and the cupcakes – we’ll see how that goes.

*Someone PLEASE remove the holiday candy from our office kitchen.

*Santa has a new elf:


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