Life lessons

Just when I think that I have most things figured out about this parenting thing, something new comes along and gets me off-balance.

This week, it was daycare. Due to a mix-up, instead of slowly transitioning over to the “Creepers” room, Sam was just thrown into the deep end of the pool and spent the ENTIRE day yesterday in a new room, with new kids and teachers. I did not know about this. When I called over around noon to see how he was doing after a cranky morning and they transfered me to the new teacher in the new room, I figured that he was there for one of his visits that will ease him into the new routine. So imagine my surprise, when he was still there at 4:30 when I picked him up.

Poor little guy. Of course, he was OK. And I am going to be OK. But man, was that necessary? The daycare director apologized today for the misunderstanding, but it’s a day too late, right?

In the grand scheme of things, this episode made me realize how many unpleasant experiences we’ll both have to endure that in the end might prove beneficial. It’s not a bad skill to have to be able to roll with the punches when new situations come along, or to stand up for yourself when someone takes your favorite hippo toy. It seems a bit too early to be learning these lessons, but I try to look ahead as much as I can and maybe see the positive in all of this. I want Sam to be able to land on his feet no matter what life throws at him – and that includes a room full of very loud toddlers.

I did rock him extra long last night when he woke up at 1:30 a.m. What else can a mother do?


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