In my previous post, I foolishly asked December to “bring it on.” And so it has. Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that this was it and there are no other exciting events in store. I bet I just jinxed it.

Last Thursday, Sammy was a bit restless. He didn’t want to nap in the afternoon, which is not terribly unusual. So I hopped in the car with him to take him on a little ride around town. This usually does the trick. After napping for about 20 minutes in the car, I heard him cough – just a little cough. I looked in the rear-view mirror just as the puke shot out of mouth and landed… well, it landed all over everything. Poor guy. He spent the rest of the afternoon and evening throwing up and so we ended up in the ER, where after an anti-nausea tablet and more puking, he did manage to keep down some Pedialyte and we were sent home. Friday was quiet, but then on Saturday he woke up with a cough and fever. The cough was so bad that it actually made him throw up several times over the weekend. We took him to our pediatrician’s weekend clinic, where we were told that he just has a cold… Let me just say how super frustrating this is. If I have a cough so bad that it makes me throw up, I would be getting some heavy-duty drugs. And here’s this little guy who doesn’t understand what’s going on and is SO miserable, and all I am supposed to do for him is give him more fluids and turn on the humidifier? That’s insane. We spent a lot of time in the steamed-up bathroom (at 4 a.m.), and we cuddled a lot and ate lots and lots of apple sauce and drank warm apple juice, which, as I found out during one of my calls to the nurse, helps loosen and thin mucus. Yay for that. Also, my nose sucking device is a must. I think they should hand one of these to every new mom before they leave the hospital.

By yesterday Sammy felt much better – still a bit tired and not quite as hungry as usual, but back to his mischievious chubby bunny self. We unfortunately almost completely missed my brother’s visit over the weekend and unfortunately for my brother, he got to clean the puke out of my car and come to the ER with me until Drew got there. It was a family event.

What else have I been doing? Not much… Trying to get ready for Christmas and Sammy’s birthday and getting accustomed to the fact that my baby is going to turn 1 and will be transitioning to the “creepers” room at daycare. That’s right. My baby is a creeper! He is going to start visiting the other room for a few minutes every day and I will go and spend some time with him there too. He’s been pretty easy-going so far, so I hope this will be an easy transition. (Jinxed!)

I am going to get list-y here to cover some more stuff:

* Sammy’s been clapping and dancing a lot. He has a few musical toys and every time one of them goes off, he start to bee-bop on his butt. It’s so funny. Lately he’s been getting his arms involved as well, as if he were conducting an orchestra. And the end of each performance there’s clapping, of course! Makes me want to dance, every time I see him do it. Also makes me wonder how he knows that you are supposed to dance to music? It’s not like he sees us dance around at home!

*He’s definitely been understanding us more and he’s pretty good about following short commands. He’ll bring me a toy if I ask for it, he’ll give Drew a pat, and if I tell him a few times that he’s not allowed to pull himself up on the fire place cover or unpack the bookshelf, he stops doing it. Good boy.

*I noticed him cuddling more with his stuffed animals, likes his favorite monkey. He talks to it a lot, using his soft, kind voice that he reserves for things and people he loves.

*He loves to feed me his finger foods. He’ll eat a couple of cereal puffs and then give me one. After I eat it, he always has to pry my mouth open to make sure that I ate it – or he’s looking for it and wants it back, I am not sure!

And finally, I am pretty sure he will be a basketball player:


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