Here kitty, kitty!

Ahhhhh! We made it home safe, sound, and sane, from our big trip across the mountains and into the woods to Grandma’s house. Whew. Sammy was a total trooper during the 8-hour drive there and the 10-hour drive back. He was fussy a couple of times, but it was really during those stretches of road when even I wanted to scream “get me out of this car!” So I really can’t blame him.

So. We went to visit Drew’s dad on Friday. It went really, really well, in my opinion. But of course, he is not my father, so what do I know? He seemed like a really nice guy and it was obvious that he was thrilled to see Sammy and Drew. Drew seemed at ease, especially by the end of our visit. It is a McMullin family tradition to have at least one or two conversations about roads when everyone is together, and this visit was no different. The first thing Drew and his dad talked about after not seeing each other for 13 years: roads. “How was your drive down?” “How long did it take?” “Which roads did you take?” “Is that shorter than going through Harrisburg?” And so on. In a way I always find these conversations charming, because I feel like it’s their way of checking in about each other’s emotional status. “Where did you come from today?” “How are you feeling?” “How is your journey going?”

I don’t know what the future will hold for Drew and his dad. Drew is notoriously bad about making and returning phone calls, and I have no reason to assume that he’ll be different with his dad. I’ve heard many, many stories about why they haven’t spoken for so long and I think I can see both sides’ reasons. But I also like to believe that time does heal everything, that there is true forgiveness and compassion in this world, and that in some way these two will be able to regain the time they lost.

Actually, I am not sure why I am so sappy about this… I think it’s probably because of Sammy, and also because as I expected, I really enjoyed meeting Drew’s dad and his sister. They seemed really welcoming and warm. And the more family one has, the better. Right?

The other event of the weekend was that Sam discovered his love of cats. He’s been drawn to this drawing of a cat Jenny made that’s hanging on my parents’ fridge for a while now. But he’s never actually seen a cat up close until we arrived at Drew’s mom’s house. Sam chased Abby around the house for three days straight. He went under chairs, tables, dressers to get to her and pet her. Well, petting for him means grabbing her fur really hard. The poor cat… I think after a while she was playing with him and I imagine secretly enjoyed the attention. I am pretty sure Sam even said “keee-kaaay” a couple of times, always when he was looking at the cat. So, so strange. What is it about cats?

Overall, it was a fine weekend. I was glad to be in my own bed last night and I was happy to return to our routine this morning. I am ready to get some Christmas shopping done and for the holiday parties coming my way. Bring it on, December!


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