Can we have some quiet here?

I’ve been meaning to blog for a few days now. What’s more, I’ve been meaning to blog about something other than Sammy. But I am afraid that I don’t have the brain capacity to form truly coherent thoughts and to say what I really want to say. Here it goes anyway:

While I was pregnant, I loved to read blogs and websites about pregnancy and birth and babies. I was so anxious about everything and so curious and didn’t know what to expect from this whole baby business. But I have to admit that I am SO getting sick of parenting/mommy blogs. (There are exceptions, of course.) There have been a couple of online discussions going on about what mothers should and shouldn’t do, who’s right and who’s wrong… There’s been this, and then the responses to it, not to mention this complete insanity that just makes me want to vomit. (Just to be clear, vomit on the women who claim to be “Christian” and yet spew such hate and intolerance, not to mention stupidity.) And then I heard this story on NPR the other day and frankly, its tone just pissed me off.

Enough already. Can we just leave each other alone? Being a mother is hard enough without all of this judgment and ill-will towards other people’s choices. Let’s face it: most of our kids will turn out to be average, reasonably happy adults. It doesn’t matter if you ate fish during pregnancy or not,  breastfed or not, or stayed at home or not, or wore your baby, or let your baby sleep in the bathtub because that was the only thing that soothed him. In the end, on average, it makes no difference. Sure, we all try to do the best we can and it’s nice not to inflict any major permanent physical or mental damage on your kid. The rest are just opinions people have about how things should or shouldn’t be done. The truth is that we will all make mistakes, our kids will blame us for stuff whether we like it or not, and in the end they will all turn out fine. Just fine.

Some days all of these opinions out there just deafen me to my own instincts as a mother, not to mention cloud my common sense judgment.

I want quiet.

There. I said it. I think I have a lot more to say about this, but my brain can only handle so much today. You get my point.

And now on to the most important thing: Sammy got another (his second!) haircut over the weekend:

Look at him! He is 10 1/2 months, going on 6. Poor baby had such a rough weekend. (Not to mention poor mama!) He is teething and on Thursday and Friday he was just so miserable. The drool came in buckets – we went through all of our bibs in one day. And we have a lot of bibs. And the smell of saliva is just not one of my faves. But today things seem better and his two little top teeth are getting bigger and bigger each day. His sleep has been crappy accordingly – he was up twice last night and when we brought him to our bed around 3:30 a.m., he not only wanted to be held by me, he wanted to sleep on me. So he kneels on the bed next to me so that his head is resting on my belly or boobs. That’s how he slept until morning. Whatever works!


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