I have to share Halloween photos before it’s too late and I realize that it’s Christmas! We had a little party last Sunday for my friends and their babies. Some had to cancel because of baby sickness, so it was just Sam, Ruby, and Amelie. It was actually nicer this way, not having to chase 6 babies around our tiny house!

Sammy was a clown:

Not an enthusiastic clown, but a slightly pissed off clown. He was cute anyway.

Ruby was a robot and Amelie was a lobster. Here are all three cuties:

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

Sam’s been teething all week, so that means that I’ve been covered in snot and drool all week. Drew was wondering where all of our dirty laundry came from this week and I just pointed at Sam. Every single shirt I wore this week had snot/drool (srool? dot?) on its shoulder. Ick. But finally this morning we could actually see his two top teeth emerging in the front. Poor baby. I keep thinking about how different his little face will be once his toothless grin is replaced by a toothy one. So strange…

He’s also been super cudly lately. He grabs onto me when I pass by his playpen, or as soon as I get to his crib his little paws are clutching my pajamas. It’s strange, because before he wasn’t quite so cudly and all he wanted to do was be on the move. He still moves a LOT, but now I find that at times he is happy to just hang out on my lap or sit with me on the floor or the couch. I am definitely not complaining!

I received this in the mail today. Now, I know everyone in the U.S. frowns when I talk about this nose suctioning device that attaches to your vacuum cleaner. And no, you can’t suck the baby’s brain out with it. Anyway, it came in the mail and I’ve been anxious to try it because poor Sammy’s been so congested for so long. So this evening we brought up the vacuum cleaner from the basement and hooked it up. I think I may have been sitting a bit too close to it, because the noise really freaked him out. He jumped in my lap and cried for a while. We played around with the sweeper to show him that it wasn’t scary at all. I am not sure he was convinced, but the next time I turned it on I moved it away from us and he was a little less scared. The suctioning worked great – he didn’t let me do it for too long and I didn’t want to push it, but I think it already made a huge difference. Also, it was strangely satisfying to see all of that crap leave his little nostrils. Yuck. So, I highly recommend it.

So, we are chugging right along here… I had a few hours off this afternoon and went shopping. It was so refreshing. And I actually shopped mostly for myself, not for Sam, so I really enjoyed that part. I did notice when I got home that most of the clothes I bought were gray – it must be that phase of my life. I actually bought a – gasp! – dress! I don’t really remember the last time I owned or wore one. Probably my wedding gown? But I tried one on and it felt pretty comfy, so I bought it. I am planning on wearing it in Orlando – we’ll see how it goes.

I am just babbling now… So tired. Off to bed.


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