The quiet after the storm

Or is the quiet before the next storm? Who knows at this point?

The past few days have been blissful when it comes to Sam’s sleep. Whew. It’s about time too, because I am pretty sure he didn’t enjoy the middle of the night crying sessions either. About two weeks ago we went through a period when he freaked out every time I left the room. Leaving him at daycare was not a problem. But going to the bathroom while he was playing? Forget it. Making lunch and not have him sit right next to me in his high chair? No chance. It was really cute in a way, but also really tiring. All of the night soothing sessions were mine, because Daddy would not do.

During this period I did manage to make it out of the house for one blissful evening by myself. I went to a lia sophia jewelry party at a friend’s house last Friday. It was great to put on heels and long earrings and not worry about tripping with the baby, or losing an earlobe to his gropey little fingers. Of course, about 20 minutes into the party I got the phone call from DH that the baby was inconsolable. Ahem. Deal with it. Mama needs a night off and there’s not much I can do over the phone. Another 20 minutes later he called back to tell me that baby was asleep, everything was fine. Of course it was. Tired, cranky babies eventually do go to sleep at night.

The next night, after going to his room about 18 times in an hour to soothe him, we decided to let him cry it out. He obviously just wanted some company and as soon as I thought he was asleep and sneaked my way to the door, he would start to whine. After 13 minutes of crying he was asleep that night. The following night he cried for four minutes. Then about 20 seconds. Last night – nothing. AND he’s been sleeping through the night too! I don’t want to jinx it and I can’t imagine that CIO worked in such a short period of time, but I quietly hope that his little brain figured out some of the things he’s been dealing with lately: the teething, the standing up, the crawling, the babbling, etc. I know there’s more to come, but for now I am enjoying the silence at night. (I will admit that I miss bringing him to bed with us at 3 a.m. and having this little soft, snoring bundle next to me.)

When not sleep training, we’ve been enjoying some fall activities like apple picking. As you can see, Sam was just sort of “meh” about it.

I am also gearing up for our first Halloween party (Sam will be a clown). Later in November I am off to Florida for a conference. I am dreading it just a little but, but the thought of a nice hotel room, remote control, room service, and pool, just sound way too good.

And then the holidays will come and this year’s over. Sam will turn one and I will keep wondering how in the world he got to be so big.


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