So, Sam’s formula was a part of the massive Similac recall last week. Of course it was. Because otherwise life wouldn’t be interesting. To make things worse, he eats the sensitive rice starch enhanced formula, because he had some major spit-up issues when he was a tiny baby.

This is a major pain in the butt. My feeling is that while it’s nice of Abbott Laboratories to be so careful after finding bugs in their manufacturing facility, chances are that most formula boxes were free of beetle parts. And if they weren’t, I am fairly certain that we eat lots and lots of bugs in our lifetime. Not to mention poop. There’s poop on everything and in everything.

So we spent the entire week searching for new formula. I know that when we picked Similac we didn’t have any rhyme or reason – that’s what the pediatrician had in her sample cabinet and we were desperate for Sam to eat something – anything! We stuck with Similac for all these months and I just hate the idea of having to switch. Sam is not so tiny anymore and he eats broccoli and chicken and squash and all kinds of other normal foods, so I am sure he’d be fine with anything. So after much research and concluding that there really isn’t a huge difference between various brands, we decided to go cheap: Parents’ Choice formula from Wal-Mart.

He’s been eating it for a few days now with no noticable side-effects. Still no spit-up, and his pooping is regular. No cramps or gas or fussiness. (Other than the usualy “I don’t want to nap” kind.) So he’s fine. But I still feel so weird about feeding him Wal-Mart formula. It’s the same with diapers… Is the $40/box diaper better than the Target brand? (Which, BTW, has cute polka dots!) I looked at the other kids’ cubbies at daycare and everyone uses Pampers – not a single Huggies or Luvs in sight! Why? And if I start bringing Target diapers to daycare, will I be judged? Will anyone care? Why do I care?

Ugh. Parenthood.

In other news: We are heading back to the doctor tomorrow to get Sammy’s wrist checked. I hope they will do an X-Ray so that we know for sure what’s going on with his little bones. I doubt that they will take his cast off after only two weeks, but I secretly hope they will. This weekend was the first time that he spent a few minutes looking at both of his hands – he must have “noticed” the splint. It’s sort of weird that he doesn’t understand why his one hand is different than the other. Does he think it will always be like this?

Even though he can’t use one of his hands, I think he’s been falling a lot less when he is up and about. He is definitely pulling himself up a  lot more – in his playpen, on the furniture, or on me. Maybe that explains why his napping — and now suddently his nighttime sleep – has gone to the crapper. The urge to stand up and do something must be just too great for his little brain. Other than bonking him on the head, I am not sure what I can do to make him nap more. Daycare is no help  because he sees the other kids playing from his crib and of course he wants to be part of the action. When I am at home with him I put him in our bed and he’ll nap there pretty consistently. I bought a wireless router just for this, so that I can take my laptop upstairs and work while he is napping. The things we do. This strategy usually works on the weekends too, but it leaves Drew alone to deal with groceries, laundry, etc. I hate to do that to him. But nap we must.

In non-baby news: I got an iPhone! I was eligible for an upgrade from AT&T and they also came out with a $15/month data plan, so I don’t feel quite so bad for splurging. I. LOVE. IT. Sure, I only call about four people on my phone on a regular basis. And I sit in front of a computer all day so I can Facebook and Tweet all I want, but still… This shiny, smooth little device makes me giddy. There’s no rational explanation, it’s just a feeling and I like it.  So there. (I also realize that this is a weird combo: I just put my kid on generic formula at the same time that I am enjoying a shiny new toy. But the two are not related. The iPhone happened before the formula recall.) 🙂

I am sure I have much more to ramble on about… But I think this is enough for today.


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