Falling for fall

It’s Tuesday. Sammy is sick with a cold. We are both at home – he is napping, and I am finally finding some time to update the blog. Whew.

First, the promised photo of Sam standing up in his playpen:

As you might be able to tell from the expression on his face, he is not super happy about this developmental milestone. He was freaked out, to say the least. He hasn’t made standing up a regular part of his repertoire, but he does a lot of bouncing on his knees (ouch!), and various other attempts that look like he is trying to stand. It is amusing to watch, but a bit worrisome, because he bangs his head a lot. On toys, on his crib, on the floor, etc. He doesn’t seem to mind, but I do a lot of cringing and trying not to make a big deal out of it so that he doesn’t freak out. He had his first bloody nose at daycare yesterday when he plopped face-down on a toy. Boys.

As the title of this post suggests, our weather turned rather fall-ish the past few days. I really don’t mind because it’s great sleeping weather and it gave me an excuse to go and buy a whole new wardrobe for Sam. (Like I needed an excuse!) I would like to do the same for me, because last fall I was pregnant and the year before I have no idea what I wore to work. My closet seems to be void of fall clothes. Oy.

Back to summer for a moment. We spent the last truly warm day a few weeks ago like this:

Then Labor Day weekend came and Sam and I made a trip to the wildlife park in Gray with my friend Abby and her boys, Will and Sam:

We also saw some giant pumpkins, sheep, and cows at the Windsor fair. I have a love-hate relationship with agricultural fairs. I am a city girl and the first time I had to go to a fair as a newspaper reporter, I was mortified. Not to mention that I was not dressed for the occasion – white sandals are not proper fair-going gear. But I have to admit that there is something charming about fairs and they definitely signal autumn for me. Also, where else can you eat maple ice cream, buckets of french fries, and fried dough all in one place?

Last weekend my brother and Jenny came for a visit and Sammy got his first haircut. Sniffles. I know that it was getting out of hand and that he looked ridiculous, but it still a bit sad to see his lovely blond locks get trimmed. Jenny did a great job and I was happy that it was her and not some random stranger in a salon. And Sam does look dashing — and strangely older — with the new hairdo:

So there you have it. Just a few small happenings as we march towards winter. Ugh. It’s strange to think that last year at this time Sam was in my belly and now he is out and about, getting haircuts, growing teeth, catching colds…He is going to be one in a little over three months and some days I really miss the tiny little baby that he was not that long ago. This hit me this weekend when we were shopping for him and I wanted to buy some of those terry sleep and plays at Carter’s. They were a favorite when he was born and in the spring because they make great PJs. But the largest size they come in is 9 months and Sammy is up to wearing 12 month sizes. Soon he’ll be into toddler sizes and before I know it he will have size 13 feet! Impossible.


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