Busy, busy

Whew. So we just got done with a long weekend of family visits. Drew’s family – brother, sister-in-law, their two kids Molly and Libby, Drew’s mom and her boyfriend – all piled into a van and made the trip up here. I do not envy them for the long drive. But Maine rewarded them with nearly perfect weather – sunny, warm, breezy. Even the ocean water was bearable. It was nice for Sammy to meet his cousins and spend some time with his Grammy. Although I will assume that his Grammy appreciated the visit more. 😉

Here we are with Andrea and the two babies. Molly is just about two months older than Sam:

Of course Sam looks like a toddler next to Molly. It was so weird to hold her because she is so light! We got a good preview of things to come, because Molly can sit, crawl, and pull herself up on furniture. Oy.

We spent some time at the beach – Sam wasn’t crazy about the water and he was fairly ambivalent about the sand and the sun. I personally think that the beach with a baby is more work than fun. I think next year will be a lot more enjoyable for everyone when he can splash around and build sand castles. Can’t wait.

We are also getting ready for our big trip across the ocean to Hungary. Some days I think I must be insane to be doing this, then some days I just can’t wait. It’s going to be weird to be in my childhood room with my own child. In a way I look at this trip as a sort of Christening for Sam – I want him to be immersed in all of the stuff that I knew as a child. I know that he won’t know what’s going on and he won’t remember the trip, but it’s still important for me. And I think eventually it will be important for him, too. I think a lot about my responsibility of instilling his “Hungarian-ness” in him – whatever that means. I know it won’t be easy, that he will never have the same childhood experiences that I had. But I hope I can pass some of that on to him – traditions, family stories, and more trips to Hungary as he gets older. So for this trip I just want him to be hugged and loved by all the people who knew me as a small child. I want to dip him in the Balaton, nap on the porch with him at Velence, give him some kifli for breakfast, have him spend lots of time with my Grandma and listen to her tell Bocogo Barnabas over and over again. Can’t wait.

But of course, I also have to think about the more practical aspects of the trip- what to pack, how to pack it, how to entertain him for the long plane ride, how to take his food along, what toys to bring, etc. I think I need to start to make a list…

In other news:

*Napping has been an issue lately for our Dundi Nyuszi. He still sleeps through the night (mostly), but the daytime snooze time has been cut in half, I would say. He doesn’t get too fussy by the evening, but I can tell that he is very tired. He’s been going to bed a lot earlier – 7 p.m. – which is nice, because Drew and I have some time to watch TV and talk to each other before collapsing into bed.

* At his six-month pediatrician visit, we got the green light to give him all kinds of solids, except for peanuts, dairy, and eggs. So I’ve been cooking up a storm for him. On the stove right now is a little pot full of chicken, squash, sweet potato, and potato with some dill. Yum. He still loves his fruit – he eats two apples and two peaches or bananas every day. I think this week I am going to introduce him to blueberries and plums. I just love, love, love to cook for him. And he is a good audience.

* Back to sleeping: his new thing is that when I put him down at night, he turns to his side and sleeps there all night. I should take a picture of this because he looks like a little shrimp, all curled up. It’s so funny. Some other interesting napping positions:

*In both pictures you can see a blue elephant with colorful tags all over it. I bought it for Sammy because he LOVES tags on everything: his blanket, bibs, toys. So I thought he’d love that elephant. Alas, the ONLY tag that interests him is the elephant’s actual manufacturer’s tag – not the other colorful, silky tags. Weird.

*We are working on sitting up… I think a lot of times he is just bored to be on his back. But he is still a wobbly sitter, so we’ve been practicing at home and at daycare. According to the physical therapist and the pediatrician, it’s going to be tougher for him to sit and stand because he is so tall and he has a lot of torso to balance. I am not anxious about it and I really don’t want to compare him to other babies, but I hope for his sake he gets there soon so that he can play with all of his toys. He has been rolling all over the place – one afternoon I turned away and I found him other the coffee table in about two seconds.

Here is some video evidence of that:

*I can’t believe how soon this happened: I am thinking about having another baby. I mean, I haven’t decided that I want another baby, but I am definitely thinking about it. It’s a bit scary – I’ve barely gotten over the first pregnancy and labor and frankly I am not sure I want to put my body through that again. But the thought is definitely lurking in the back of my little brain. The implications of having a second child are huge: I would definitely have to quit my job. We would have to move to a bigger house – and without my income that might mean renting again. I know that the way things are right now, we could give Sammy a pretty kick-ass life with vacations and toys and good schools. Could we provide him – and the second child – with the same quality of life if we have two? Lots to think about…

And just for closing, the required cute shot of the Samuel:

And another one to document his love of taking baths:


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