Ahh… It’s Monday. And we are in our cool living room – Sammy is asleep, Drew is reading, I am blogging. The way life should be. I have small pangs of guilt about not spending such a beautiful summer day outdoors, but it’s just too hot for my taste. And for Sammy’s.

Drew and I spent Saturday and Sunday in Boston. I am ashamed to admit it, but we’ve been living here for six years now and this was our first trip there. What is wrong with us? I really don’t know. We are generally adventurous and like to take road trips, so why not to Boston? Beats me. So, we packed up Sammy and shipped him to my parents and then we packed up ourselves and set out on the road.

With perfect timing we arrived at Boston Commons just as one of those goofy walking tours was departing, so we joined in. It was a bit light on history and heavy on the goofy, but it was a great way to get a quick taste of things around us. It was a pretty warm day, but with low humidity and a nice breeze, it was perfect walking weather.

Some of the photographic highlights:

Granary burial ground

A memorial to the 1956 Hungarian revolution in Liberty Square. Touching.

A self-portrait with the Old Town Hall growing out of Drew's head

Dipping my toes in the fountain at Boston Commons

I really liked Boston. It didn’t seem as obnoxious or hurried as New York – although don’t get me wrong, I LOVE New York. The people watching was just fabulous – we parked ourselves on a bench with some ice slushies after the walking tour and just sat there as the sea of humanity passed us by. Lots of men wearing khaki shorts with loafers. And lots of preppy men wearing pink shirts. Nice.

After our little rest, we got back to our car and made our way to Cambridge where our hotel was. We stayed at the Inn at Harvard – I figured this is probably the one and only time we will stay at Harvard, right? We checked in and then with some good recommendations from the front desk, we set out to explore Cambridge. It was also dinner time and all I wanted was to sit outside in a shady spot and have something yummy to eat. After strolling through Harvard Yard, we ended up at Upstairs on the Square. There was a nice shady table waiting just for us and a band was playing just far enough away to be able to hear them but not be overwhelmed by the noise. Perfect.

To start, we had some hot dates and almonds wrapped in bacon:

We both got the cheeseburgers – which were just HUGE and delicious with pickled onions on top and the best fries. Yum. I washed all of this down with a Jackie O:

It was pink and bubbly and just what the doctor ordered. We had grand plans for dessert (and the restaurant had a Hungarian dessert wine on its menu!), but by this point we were both painfully full and exhausted from walking all day in the heat. We hit a local ice cream store on our way back to the hotel and we were in our air-conditioned room by 8:30 p.m. We are such losers.  

The nice thing about being in bed so early was that HBO was showing the mini-series John Adams. We caught the first two episodes and I thought it was an appropriate way to wrap up our day on this Independence Day weekend. Also, Laura Linney is just perfection. And, we are related to Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

The next morning we had a nice, relaxed breakfast at the hotel and headed home via the long way – Route 1. We passed through some nice beach towns and some not so nice beach traffic and made it home in the early afternoon to pick up our little munchkin boy from my parents. Who, in the meantime, learned to talk:


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