They do grow up fast

Sammy will be six months old next week. I never understood when parents said that children grow up too fast, but now I do. Soon, he’ll be off to college!

But until then, here are some happenings from the past week or so. Last weekend we went to my friend Abby’s house. Her twins, Sam and Will, turned one. I remember when Abby and I were moaning about the direction of our lives and fertility issues, and now here we are, both of us with cute babies! It was a nice day to remember how far we’ve come and how much our lives have changed. Even though we don’t have time to go to the movies or hang out at the mall like we used to, somehow I treasure this friendship even more these days when a quick phone call at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday is all we have time for.

Here are her boys, about to dig in to their cakes:

Super cute, right?

Also cute: this pair of handsome boys:

Oh, I so wish Sammy wouldn’t have to wear that bib so much! I guess he doesn’t, really, but his spit-up is still more of an issue than I’d like it to be. According to the osteopath we’ve been seeing for his neck problems, his torticollis and his spit-up could be connected. But who knows? I hope it’s slowly winding down now that he’s eating more solids.

Speaking of solids, yesterday I bought a butternut squash. This was a little nutty of me – those things are huge! I did manage to peel it and cut it up and now our freezer is full of it. I can only hope that Sam will like it, because otherwise I am not sure what to do with it. I will have to investigate some recipes.

We are also getting ready for our big trip to Hungary in August. I bought a BabyBjorn to use at the airport and in Budapest. We tried it out the other night and the reviews were mixed. Sammy didn’t seem to mind it, but then he spit up all over it.

We also had a visit from Erin and Dean and the boys just looked crazy cute together. The last time we saw Erin and Dean the boys were really too small to even notice each other. I am not saying that they played together this time, but there was some mutual touching, kicking, and slobbering.

I also realized that Sam is CRAZY long. Dean is only five days younger, and look at them! Of course, Dean can put his toes in his mouth – they are just way too far away for Sam to do that!

In the upper corner of that picture you might catch a small glimpse of Sam’s new playpen. It just arrived this week and I think Sam likes it so far. I realize that it might be controversial – some say playpens are like keeping your kid in a cage – but I think it’s comfy for Sam and will keep him safe while I am in the bathroom or making dinner. The bottom is hard, so he can roll around in it, unlike in his Pack-n-Play. Our living room has now officially been taken over by baby stuff. Hooray!

And a last parting shot:


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