I crack me up

The one thing I definitely noticed about myself since I had Sam is that I am totally scattered. Or maybe it’s multitasking on steroids, I am not sure. For example, I will go to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich for lunch. I notice that Sam’s binkies are next to the sink, so I wash them. Then while I am at it, I clean the rack we use to dry his bottles and binkies. And that makes me think of the bottle that I left in the diaper bag, so I go and get that. And while I am there, I notice that he doesn’t have a change of clothes in the diaper bag, so I run upstairs to get one. OK, where was I? That’s how it goes…

Sometimes, the results are funny. Like this morning. Sammy fell asleep after his 6 a.m. bottle, so I had plenty of time to shower and dress. It’s flip-flop weather, so I thought goodie, I even have time to make my feet pretty – so I quickly made a foot soak and applied lots and lots of lotion to my heels. I put socks on to keep the moisture in for a bit. Sammy woke up and I wanted to go downstairs, but I didn’t want to slip in my socks. I grabbed the the pair of shoes that was closest to the door. And when I looked down at my feet, I realized that I look like Michael Jackson. Evidence:

Oy! I was even wearing cropped pants! For some reason I just thought this was hilarious this morning. Maybe you had to be there… I can assure everyone, I did not go out on the street like this.

Here is the latest of my little monkey:

He’s been turning from belly to back and back to belly since the weekend. It’s so much fun! At times he is not sure how he ended up on his belly where he does not like to be, so that freaks him out. I imagine this game will be lots of fun at night.


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