Party, party

Sammy was invited to his first birthday party this weekend, so we drove to Eliot on Saturday to celebrate his daycare buddy Sophie’s first birthday. First, the awkward part: We were the only people there who were not family. I blogged earlier that the family invited everyone from daycare and apparently we were the only ones who took the invitation seriously. Sure, it was a gray, rainy day, so maybe that kept people away. But maybe the invitation was just a gesture and we weren’t supposed to take it seriously. Who knows? Daycare diplomacy is complicated. More on this later…

We had a good time, although we couldn’t stay for cake or for the present opening. Sammy missed his morning nap and he was pretty cranky. Even though it wasn’t a big deal, I am glad we went. I feel strongly that since I am not sure whether we’ll have another baby, I need to do everything I can to nurture little friends for him until he can do that on his own.

After the party we dropped him off at my parents’ and Drew and I got to spend some much-needed alone time. Working on our relationship is pretty much the last thing we have the energy to do after a long day of work and then taking care of Sam. I barely have time to wash my hair on a regular basis, let alone ponder the inner workings of our marriage. I just read this blog post on the NYT website today and as much as I agree with the writer that the marriage should come before children, I can’t say that it’s an easy thing to do. But work on it we must… So we went out to dinner to Norm’s, where Drew enjoyed an Allagash White with his BBQ chicken tacos and buttermilk biscuits. (Those are dangerously addictive!) I had a nice glass of Malbec and the steamed mussles. YUM. Then the wild party animals that we are, we rented a movie (Up in the Air, which I wanted to see when it came out around Christmas, but never got to it because Master Samuel made his early appearance…) and watched it on the laptop. In bed. While eating frozen Pepperidge Farm coconut cake. In our PJs. I told you, we know how to live it up!

Now, you’d think that a night like this would be a welcome relief. But it wasn’t. I mean sure, it was nice to be alone a bit and not have to listen to the baby monitor at night. But I missed the little snot so much… I actually cried myself to sleep thinking about his sweet little face. What is wrong with me? I know, nothing is wrong, this is normal… But it’s disturbing. I was up at 6 a.m. – his usual breakfast time – but managed to go back to sleep until 8:30. Small victories…

So about daycare diplomacy: I ran into Sophie’s mom this afternoon while picking up Sam and met another mom whose baby is fairly new there. He is a tiny little guy, just four months old. They were talking about how some mornings it’s still difficult to leave our babies there, which is absolutely true. So when Sophie’s mom said that we should have coffee, I joked that coffee will not do, we should have some wine. The other mom gave me a death look and said: “My baby does not like red wine in his breastmilk.”

I guess I will not be partying with them after all. I don’t know that much about breastfeeding because I didn’t get to do it for too long, but I do know that you can, in fact, drink and nurse. And you definitely don’t need to be bitchy about it.


Random cuteness from Sam: He can now definitely roll over. He did it again this weekend at my parents and then at home. Finally Drew got to see him roll over as well. It’s ridiculous how proud it makes you feel. Seriously. He now also loves to shriek in a high-pitched voice. Super cute. We gave him some bananas (mashed together with apples) this weekend. At first he wasn’t sure about it, but then gobbled it all up with a spoon like a big boy. We bought him a high chair a few weeks ago and he just looks so cute and content to sit there with the grown-ups. How come I don’t have a picture of this yet? Crazy… Must do that soon.


One thought on “Party, party

  1. Holy cow, I can’t believe that woman was so rude. ‘Whatever’ is right. Life’s too short to spend hanging out with judgey types, anyway.

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