One year older, not wiser

This past weekend I turned 34. (Or, in the more pressimistic Hungarian view, 35, since I started my 35th year…I’ll stick with 34.) It was a pretty good weekend, even though it started with an ear infection and congestion for Sammy. 

I took him to the pediatrician on Friday for his congestion, thinking that I don’t want to go to the emergency room over the long weekend if he gets worse. She started him on some antibiotics for his ears and he seems to be better now. My poor little snot factory…On Thursday night when he really wasn’t feeling well, he slept with us in bed, propped up on the Boppy to help with his congestion.  I hate it when he is not well, but I love the extra cuddling time. 

Drew brought me an early birthday cake on Friday from Two Fat Cats bakery in Portland. YUM. Just what I needed after a long week!  On Saturday we dropped off Sammy at my parents’ and after a brief shopping trip to the mall, we had a boatload of sushi – literally – at Yosaku. Another YUM. I got this really cool Swatch from Drew for my birthday. I have to admit, it took me a moment to warm up to it, which is sort of strange. But for some reason the image on the watch’s face seemed so sad to me… I am growing to like it and it’s a special, limited edition piece, so it’s really unique. Even I was sort of surprised by the emotional response I had when I saw it. Weird.

Oh, I also got a haircut on Saturday! I’ve been growing my hair long since I got pregnant last spring, thinking that the pony tail was an easy way not to have to deal with my hair. But alas, it turned out to be a pain every morning. It took me precious long minutes in the morning to dry, only to be put in a pony tail. So chop-chop it went this weekend! My new ‘do is much more manageable and looks pretty cute, if I may say so…

On Sunday Drew went to a Memorial Day parade early in the morning, so Sammy and I headed over to my parents’ again. We drove to Freeport and I did some shopping – for Sammy. Last year on my birthday I am pretty sure I shopped for me and only me. This year, it was the highlight of my weekend to buy my little man clothes – bib overalls, t-shirts, shorts, socks… So what if he pukes on everything? You still have to look cute doing it, right?

Speaking of his Royal Cuteness… I don’t know if it’s his teeth, or his ears, or the weather, or what, but his sleep for the past few weeks has not been so great. I really can’t complain because I had it way too easy with him so far. But he is up every night a couple of times. He is not hungry, or wet, or snotty, just… awake. Sometimes a binky or rocking will help, but some nights he is just a little whiny boy. I hope it’s just a passing phase and not a downward trend.


One thought on “One year older, not wiser

  1. Yay for Two Fat Cats and happy birthdays! Boo for bad sleep! (I feel sure it’ll pass soon…there’s just so much going on in their tiny bodies at this point…)

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