An apple a day

First, I will start with something non-baby related.

A former high school classmate sent out some photos of our class reunion from last winter. Several disturbing, and often entertaining thoughts came to mind as I browsed through them. In no particular order:

1. OMG, did I age this much as well?
2. Why does everyone look so polished? Really, with the exception of a few people, everyone was just so… put together. I know it was a special occasion and all, but still… Good looking bunch of people.
3. Our homeroom teacher, who is also a P.E. teacher has a HUGE beer gut. This is satisfying on many, many levels. I was not a star student when it came to P.E. Hated it. Avoided it at all costs. He and I did not get along at all. So to see him all chubby and flabby just made me so happy.
4. The guy I had a huge crush on for the better part of four years is… well… not so hunky anymore. He was the smartest kid in our class, that is for sure, and I can’t speak to his current mental abilities. But his baby face and whispy blond hair are gone. He was also wearing a T-shirt that read “Good Looking Man About Town” and that just about sealed his fate when it comes to my nostalgic memories of him. Ugh.

Anyway, I am sorry I missed that reunion. But I am also happy, because from the pictures it seems like everyone sat around the dinner table and one-by-one stood up to give account of the past 16 years. (HOLY SHIT! 16 YEARS???) I am not sure I would like the scrutiny of high school, even after all these years.

And now back to the baby… Sam had his first non-formula meal on Tuesday! I grated an apple and mixed it with his formula and he loved it! First, the photographic evidence:

And the moving picture evidence:

This weekend we are going to try carrots and sweet potatoes. It is amazing to watch him experience new flavors and textures. I hope he will have a good relationship with food.

In other news: Sammy received his first birthday party invitation from one of his daycare classmates. Very cute, but this raised the following questions: Are we supposed to invite everyone from daycare to his party? If so, where are we going to put all these people? It’s not like we can go to a park in December and have a picnic… Just for the record, I checked around and any place that is not Chuck-E-Cheese (I refuse!!!), is several hundred dollars. Better start saving now!


2 thoughts on “An apple a day

  1. Szia Zsófi!
    Kíváncsivá tettél kire is gondolsz? Igazából nem volt olyan rémes, mint ahogy a fényképeken kinéz. Szerintem soha nem voltunk ennyire kíváncsiak pozitív értelemben egymásra. Mindenki tökre örül egymásnak függetlenül attól, hogy jobb padsor vagy bal:)
    Nagyon ügyes a kis krapekod, el se tudom képzelni milyen lehet ilyen rövid idő után visszamenni dolgozni. De hát más ország más szokások…

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