Four months, 16 days

Today was Sam’s four-month check-up. He was such a trooper – as usual. He did not cry for the first shot – I think he only realized during the second one what was going on. But he only cried for a minute and then zonked out by the time we got to the car. Staying healthy is hard work for a baby.

We got the green light from the pediatrician to start him on solid foods. I am excited about the idea, but also a bit nervous. I know he can’t live on formula forever and my wallet will thank me for feeding him something else as well… But it’s such a big step for the little guy – it’s the end of an era! But it will be so much fun to see him experience new tastes and textures. As with everything baby-related, there are numerous schools of thought on what and how to feed the baby. If I listen to my Mom, I would be giving him chicken paprika mushed up in a blender. If I listen to the books and the pediatrician, I should be feeding him bland rice cereal for weeks on end. I am hoping to find a nice little road somewhere in the middle – we’ll start with apples and go from there.

The weather has finally turned springy over the weekend, so Sam had his first picnic experience at Fort Williams Park. This also meant that I got to practice outdoor feeding and outdoor poopy diaper changing. There’s a first for everything. I think Sam had a good time – he loved the bagpipes (Drew was playing with his band). The wind, not so much.

We also had a visit from Uncle Torpe and Aunt Jenny. It is always awesome to hang with my brother and I’d like to think that Sammy likes him just a tiny bit more than other people, because I like my brother more than pretty much most people. Makes sense? Right.

(And just now, Blogger pooped out and won’t let me post more pics… Argh.)

Ah, here we are… So look at them, aren’t they cute together?

But of course, my other favorite view at the the end of a long day is this:

Now that’s the way to relax!


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