Baby room!

I am 28 weeks today! Yey! Some days it seems like I have all the time in the world until our little guy arrives, and some days it seems like time just whizzes buy! Oy.

Last weekend I had an awesome baby shower! Highlights included: a fine collection of awesome women gathered in my living room, a diaper cake made by my Mom, cookies and sandwiches that were out of this world – also thanks to Mom, and some super cute gifts!

We spent this morning and afternoon preparing the baby room. I held off until now because we were expecting overnight guests and couldn’t get rid of our guest bed until today. But we got a lot done today – a lot more than I thought we would! It’s a bit of a relief, because the sight of all the stuff piled in there was stressing me out. It was also hard to see and know what else we need to buy – and let me just say this, that there’s a lot left! Shopping! 🙂

Here is the above-mentioned chaos.

And after the chaos… I am still not sure about all of the furniture placement and the wall decorations are still up for debate. But it’s a good start.

I definitely love the new glider and the entire little nursing/rocking corner. Ahhh….


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