A test of patience

I think this is the longest I have ever, ever kept a secret! I SO wanted to blog about it and announce it on Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets, but I just couldn’t… But now my boss knows, my colleagues know, so I can let all three of my blog’s readers know: I am pregnant!

IUI #3 on April 23 was a success. I know it sounds stupid, but I totally knew it. As soon as the doctor was done and left the room, I felt this overwhelming joy. I was laying there with my hips propped up, crying. I just knew.

I took “only” four pregnancy tests – the first was negative and the rest positive! We saw his/her little bud legs and arms on an ultrasound June 15, at 9 weeks and 2 days. I was expecting the ultrasound to be fuzzy, but as soon as it was turned on there was no doubt – it was a baby! It even wiggled its little feet.

I’ve been feeling great – no morning sickness or anything else too unpleasant. I had a couple of days of feeling green, but I’ve been keeping a supply of animal crackers and diet ginger ale on hand at all times. I haven’t had any cravings either for anything specific, but every time I see something on the Food Network, or in a TV ad, I want to eat it. Subway footlong meatball sandwich – sounds good to me! Halibut seasoned with chiles on a light cucumber salad prepared by Iron Chef Mario Battali – YUM! Drew’s ham and cheese sandwich – I want it! If it’s food and I see it, I want it.

My next ultrasound is not until the beginning of September, when we’ll find out the baby’s gender… I don’t think I have a preference. Drew and I always thought that we’d have a boy, but then I had a dream that we had a girl. I am not sure how good dreams are at predicting these things, so we’ll see. I’d been happy either way. Although I have to say that coming up with a good, strong, non-stripper sounding girl name is not very easy. But we’ll manage, I am sure!

So, here I am… I am at 15 weeks, super excited, super freaked out, super emotional (Home Depot commercials make me cry), super everything. The journey has begun!


2 thoughts on “A test of patience

  1. How absolutely fantastic. I know you and Drew are excited — but I think your Mom and Dad are just as thrilled with the expected grandchild. CONGRATULATIONS! Love, Peggy O'Rourke

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