Random Things

This past weekend was glorious. Warm, sunny, springy. So we took a little drive and went south to York, Kittery, and Portsmouth. We walked on the beach:

Saw cute things in the sand:
And now it’s back to this:

Ugh. This white stuff of course is delaying our bathroom project. Hopefully things will dry out and the construction will begin on Thursday. So far, we have a bathtub in our garage. Classy.

This will be our first serious home improvement project, and I am a bit frightened by it. The amount of money, the drastic change to the entire look of the house. But oh, the comfort of walking into a bathroom from the bedroom without having to take the stairs! I can’t wait! I think it will be worth it.

There are so many things we could – and should – do to this house. I can already see that the list will never end. There is the yard. The curtains. Art for the living room walls. Patio furniture. Need to get a grill. Clean the basement. Plant flowers for the spring. Lawn mowing. Ugh. I mean, it’s all good ‘ugh’, but still.

In other news, IUI Round 2 was a no-go. I am really not surprised – I don’t think the doctor knew what she was doing and my egg probably just said ‘screw it’ and moved to a warmer climate. I can’t blame her.


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