Sunday musings

First, a bit of whining… As I am waiting to find out whether the IUI worked (one more week to go), I am going through a minor version of my own little hell with my skin. My eczema apparently was kept in check by the gallons of steroid creams I’ve been using all of my life. Now that those are out of the question because I am in the group of “women who are or who might be pregnant,” my skin decided to just simply peel off my face in small bits. It’s a lovely feeling and sight. Sigh.

But other than spending a ridiculous amount of time dipping myself into various moisturizers, the weekend has been quiet. We are watching our icicles grow on our roof and waiting for snow-plow man to come and clean off our roof. Yey.

This would be pretty, if it weren’t for the fact that our porch already flooded because of the ice collecting on the roof. Shoddy window installation was the culprit, apparently. It’s been fixed and now all we have to do is replace the ugly linoleum porch flooring. I am cool with that.

In other news, before meeting Girl Chris and Boy Chris last night for dinner, I picked up my pottery from the studio. Not a great batch, but eh, they are OK. Dinner, on the other hand was fab. It’s hard to find friends once you are out of college, especially couple friends where both the husbands and the wives get along. So it’s always a relief when during dinner the men don’t sit quietly and grumble to themselves.

A leafy platter. It’s one of the better pieces. The glaze is more greenish than on the picture.

I like the way the texture of this turned out… The bowl itself is just OK. For some reason I haven’t been inspired in pottery class lately. Too much gossiping, I guess.

I also took this awesome picture today at the car wash. I LOVE driving through car washes. It just makes me giddy and happy. I don’t know why, but really, who cares?

And I would remiss not to mention the fact that it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Here is Drew with his Terrible Towels.

Go Steelers!


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