Oh, crap!

It’s been a crappy week. It should have ended right when it began on Monday, but it had to stretch all the way to today. Ah, blissful Friday!

Here is a log of stuff that got me through, in no particular order:

1. Nyquil ($6.99)

2. New haircut ($75.00)

3. Aveda Lip Saver lip balm ($8.50)

4. Book: Homecoming by Bernhard Schlink ($15.00)

5. New lingerie (too much)

6. Mopey songs from iTunes – Duffy, Brooke Waggoner, Iron & Wine ($20.00)

7. Three hours of pounding clay in pottery class ($200 for six weeks)

8. Cosmopolitan – upcoming this evening ($9.00)

9. Filling half of my Moleskin diary ($14.00)

The feeling that everything will be OK eventually: priceless.

P.S. One of the pieces I wrote a while ago for the Christian Science Monitor was quoted in a book – how cool is that? (See bottom of page 254)


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